Wednesday, September 2, 2009

♥ Update On My Store AND SALE !!!

First love by

I had a wonderful time in Singapore and truly enjoy meeting my friends and family ! But I too miss my Beautiful Geek loads! I hate being away from him for so long. I would be back in Shanghai this Sunday and I am looking forward to see him and also my shops!

I am very well rested and thank you mum for all the bird nest!

An update of my stores! Time to CELEBRATE!!!!!

Celebrate Everyday PRINT By

I am so in love with this print!!! This shop has loads of beautiful pastry prints! Definitely on my Xmas list!

a) I had moved my fabric button shop to , I had always like DaWanda and decided to try it out. So far, I love it! Fabulous customers and good selling features!

You can see some of my buttons on the right hand side of the blog. I simply love making them and do look out for my new additions!

b) I had over 4000 sales on Etsy in less than a year and honestly, I am blown away. It is suppose to be a small venture but the support of my regulars and truly nice buyers ever encounter has made selling on Etsy such a joy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am very excited to welcome my baby girl in January and I am preparing to make more room for my nursery ! It is time to clear my inventory as I will be on 2 to 3 months maternity leave.

c) Christmas is coming and I thought it would be nice to help you guys save some money when shopping for craft items or gifts.

Therefore I am throwing a huge sale!

*·.♥.·*´¨IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE SALE!¨*·.♥.·*´¨

Buy 5 to 19 mix items and get 20% off!
Buy 20 mix items onward and get 25% off!

Do go to my store front page and read the announcement or store policies for full details.

Lastly ... you know how I do love to blog but ... seems like China likes to block blogger sites , Facebook and sometimes also Twitter. I am really sad about this as this means I can't blog as much as I like to.

I am still going to keep trying though and hope one day I can blog as often as I want. Meanwhile, I thank you all who visited and shown your support. HUGS!

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