Wednesday, February 25, 2009

♥ In 45 minutes

Seriously...... *pause* .. *smile*.. how did I manage to survive without my beloved Daniel ( I named my MacBook after the very cool character in the French movie Taxi ) and Google?

I just, at the tip of my fingers, manage to

1) Order my inventory from 5 suppliers. Each of them have their own website, they accept bank transfer. In under an hour, all orders are placed and paid for. I will get all my stuff tomorrow, right at my doorstep!. *Jump about happily abit*

2) Bought some nice pin back buttons from this fabulous seller from Spain, RetroAttack . Look! I love them!!!!! So absolutely freaking cool!!! Excellent prices and customer service too!

3) Also order my custom cuff from BettyDeath. My wrist is twig like so I need one custom made and it is just lovely! Can't wait to slap it on my wrist and show it off in my next French class!

4) Book a table for 2 at Kathleens5. I just type Shanghai Museum restaurant and BOOM! There it is on Google!!! So smart! It is Beautiful Geek's birthday tomorrow and I know he loves the beautiful view from the restaurant's rooftop. We went there for tea and he had wondered how would it looked at night, ah, he would know very soon!:)

When it comes to art deco buildings and restaurants, Shanghai is one of the best places to explore. I generally appreciate the building more than the art shown inside.

5) Found a professional film developer shop for black and white films. Our regular shop does not do Kodak TMax 400 so we had to hunt for a new shop. Again, Google instantly show up the address and telephone number for the store! I am mightily impressed! In 5 minutes I got all the driving instructions, the opening time and the service available!

I mean, I know everyone knows how efficient the internet is, especially Google but please do not always trust the information 100%. For example, the photoshop address given on Google is outdated, they had moved but the telephone number is the same. I always double check the information.

Now je suis fatigue ! I cannot believe how tired I am just sitting here for 45 minutes doing the above! I think I move to my next favorite chair, the couch for a bit of Will & Grace ( my 2nd time watching the series, I love them!).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

♥ Poll Poll Poll Your Vote

Below are the prints I am thinking about purchasing in a few weeks time . Which do you think I should get?? Join POLL POLL POLL YOUR VOTES on the right side and help me decide!!! I wish I can buy all of them but I need to save build to build house for the poor and I also want to support my fellow Etsy sellers!

Print - The Knife Juggler By Roadside

Me without you. By JacqleenBleu

3 Print Set - Charming Silhouettes By AFancifulTwist

The Poe Sisters by DearDodo

Unicia version2 by artandghosts

The Darling Nest, Print by MarmeeCraft

There is one piece, this ONE very SPECIAL piece, this awesome, heartbreaking which I love love love more than my left toe... *sigh.. the price is way off my budget but still.. looks are free eh? I have to find something to blackmail beautiful geek with so he has to buy for me! Hmm.... maybe I can accuse him of not turning his shirts outside in before throwing them in the laundry ??? Ah.. but I use that last month.. duh.... Anyway I will think of something! Meanwhile, ain't this wonderful ?

the white rabbit 1/25 by matchstickgirl

Monday, February 23, 2009

♥ How To Instantly Have Good Art Taste And At The Same Time Make Your Walls Pretty

I consider myself to have decent amount of taste in art ( thanks Ma and Pa for the gene!).

In fact, if you find yourself wondering if you lack the I-Know-It's-Good-Art-The-Instant-I-See-Them gene, don't worry! It can be cultivated !!! Don't believe? Go to Etsy. Key in any search words related to art, for instant, you like farm theme art? Just key farm, animal, prints, photo, ceramic etc and you would see many wonderful art pieces coming up from the search ( please ignore that toothbrush made from sheep's fur which is cut from a 19 century vintage dress which was used for a sit in portrait of a beautiful but very dead rags to riches farm lady if you see it).

Browse through the thousands and thousands of listings offered, by the 3rd hour, I guaranteed you would have at least 3 items in your shopping cart ( be nice, checkout and remember to pay for them!). What does that make you? An art connoisseur !!!! See, you recognize art! You recognize good art! You want to buy them, some you want them NOW. See? Easy eh! Really, Etsy is such an awesome site, I love it to bits! It is like scrolling through many wonderful art galleries / flea markets while wearing my Hello Kitty pjs and eating honey toast with crumples on my blossom and nary a care at all.

I have so many favorite sellers! The last I checked, I have over 400 over sellers on my list! I am not very particular who I add actually because to me, I am positive I can find 1 thing there in their stores which I love.

This week, I am happy to find some really nice prints! I love love love art prints! It is like for USD 10 to USD 20 you get a piece of art!!!!!!! At first I was really skeptical , I did not think much of printed art / graphic pieces. I mean, what is so difficult scanning a picture and printing like 5000 copies for sale? Then I got some during a few trades ( trades are fun, instead of buying the items, you can trade your items for another seller's item, not all sellers does trades, so do ask first!:). I was really happy to receive my prints!!! They made my dull boring white wall alive!

The irony is..... erm... the frame cost me USD 30 each... but I gritted my teeth, close one eyes, tighten my belt , reach for my small purse and paid for 4 good solid wood frames . Now , my living room is my pride and joy! I love being in the room now. I felt so.. complete. I know I know, it seems silly, how can wall pictures makes me feel so much but try it, you will see what I mean. Buy a few prints, frame them and stand in the room for 1 minute and then come back and thank me ( you are welcome~:)).

These are the ones I love! Really cool pieces by just2sayhi.

Yes I am a Mac fanatic but too bad mine is not pink like the one in picture. Steve steve!! Please make the next MacBook pink please!!!!!

I do have a mac - Print 21x29.7cm

Dreaming chairs - Print 21x29.7cm

The following ones are from RosieMusic. I love birds and these two prints are very dear to me. I can't find the second picture from the store but it is from a series of many pictures to choose from. I got the pretty blue bird flying towards the masked girl ( on the left upper center). I put the two pictures facing each other and it is just awesome!

Too shy No.3 8x6

♥Fun Artbox And South Korea Notebooks !

You might have read the post about my collection of pens and decor sticker tapes, well.. erm... I also have a lot of notebooks! The thing is, I don't just sell them. Normally I would buy 2 or 3 pieces, one for me and some for the store. If the item sells well, I would get more. It is really hard to find nice notebooks these days. One of my favorite stores has to be Artbox. They use to have a megastore in Singapore 10 to 12 years ago and for some reason, it shut down and seriously, I was traumatize by that event. I then live on normal boring ones for a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time.

Then 3 years ago, when I live in Seoul, I was astonished to see Artbox stores! I mean, silly me! I did not know that Artbox was originated in South Korea! I kept thinking it is an American company for some reasons. My goodness! I went crazy shopping there! The range is like WOW and so absolutely cheerful and fun! I spend so much time there, touching the notebooks, smelling the clean crisp pages ( yes I smell things I like..except socks) , smiling at the wonderful illustrations. Oh.. how I ache to be there now..... I wish there are Artbox stores in Shanghai! Hmmm.. maybe I should open one.. but I need the money to go build houses for the poor so I guess I should be happy with what I have now. :D See some of my notebooks here! I also included some Korean designer ones. Also awesome! You can view my whole range in my store too!

India Story - Artbox Notebook

These are some of my ultra favorites!!!!!! There are pretty hard to get and I love each ones to bits!!!!

And my beloved Shinzi Katoh range!

The ones below are my latest craze! I love this wonderful series of very clean lines and simply graphics notebooks.