Monday, March 23, 2009

♥More Deco Tapes Pictures And One Very Special Lady Artist !

As you guys know, I might, most probably, could be, perhaps have one of the largest collection of DIY deco sticker tapes on Etsy. This crazy love with deco tape just never ends! I remembered being in Singapore, having a nice time with Beautiful Geek looking for some camera lens and then I saw a craft store. Instinctive I headed for the store and yes , THERE ARE DECO TAPES! Beautiful Geek knows that look in my eyes and know better to resist.

Without a word, I march to the counter, ask for a trolley but they only have basket ( how can you expect your store to do well without a shopping cart???). Grabbed a basket and literally sweep the whole shelf of deco tapes off it. Went straight to the cashier , paid and just grin like as if I am told I have a piece of something green between my front tooth . Beautiful Geek, ever the gentleman, noticed the SOMETHING GREEN IN TEETH GRIN, again, resist the urge to ask how we are going to lug all of them back to Shanghai. I once lugged 40 old books from Amsterdam to Singapore. DUHZ. This is nothing.

So anyway, I had a wanted to show you guys some of my tapes. I know I know you had seen them in my store but the light is nice today and TOTO ( very ultra cute little Totoro soft toy) wants to take picture too. So we had a fun day! Yes yes I know I am not 5, yes yes I know, I am too childish, yes yes I know TOTO cannot possibly have a mind of it's own and cannot possibly like to be taken photo of. Yes I know all that but the truth is the truth. I am 5 years old in my behavior ( I have seen adults who behave much worse) and childish and Toto is a living thing. It is what it is.

Then of course, the rest want to join it. I love Beanies and hand puppets ! It is so so terribly hard for me to walk past a store selling Beanies and not buy one! I have to be careful though because I tend to collect soft toys and after a few years, I would throw them away because I simply have no space. I feel it is a little like having a pet. Soft toys which are neglected can be very sad somehow.. I am not saying they are alive and they have rights but I feel everything little mini things have a purpose in life and soft toys are meant to be cuddle and provided comfort, not thrown away just because they are dirty/ old/ useless.

Hah, so I have Robin, Tally, Mocha, Carrot And Orange here, all happily posing for pictures! These collections would be my fabric and paper tapes!

I really love my fabric tapes! I always use them to decorate my cards and envelopes. I am starting to use them for pinning up my notes and memos on my board. Much prettier and more interesting than magnets or pins. I hope to use them to make into pretty little boxes later. Below are my paper tapes! I love them too!

I personally love my paper tapes the most. Reasons being they are rather hard to find and I like the feel of paper. I love to admire them sometimes and daydream how I would use them! I know I know I should just use it but they are so precious, I find it hard to open the package unless something really worthy comes along! Knowing me.. I would in the end just give them away. I hate to see things not use to their fullest potential and if someone comes along who is very crafty, I would not mind giving them away. But now, I want to keep them for a while longer...;)

So there is my gang! LOL. They do make me laugh during this shoot! I mean, they are just so adorable! If there are really animals this sizes , I would love to keep them!

NEXT!!!!! One Very Very Special Lady Artist !

Now, let me introduce an artist I really admire. Ok, it is not that I put this section to the end without a reason but after seeing the above tapes , you might ask "how can I use it for craft?". Personally, like I said before, I am a hoarder and a miser sometimes. I have so many tapes but I just refuse to waste a single one . I like to keep them in their nice seal package and admire them like a pervert (*wink).

Anyway, I know this lady , she sure uses them well!!! She may not even need any introduction as she should be very well known in the deco tapes collector's group. Her name is Kelly Kilmer and she is a mixed media artist and workshop instructor. You can read her blog here kellykilmer.blogspot.

What I really like about her is that she is a very passionate woman, very focus, very kind and talented. I often browse through her journal pages on her blog when I need some inspiration. She uses deco tapes as one of her tools and I love the way she bashfully slash them across , generously lining them , layering them, mix and matching tape to compliment her theme. I love her selection of images too! I mean my goodness, she really has a way to send her message across in her very own way. I think it is a really healthy and therapeutic way of expressing oneself.

From her work, I just know she is a strong, free spirit and very positive person! The best thing is, you can learn how to make these wonderful pages too!!!! She has an awesome online class!

I thought it was really innovative and kind of her to offer classes on how to make journal pages for such a reasonable fees! If you read the course details, it is really very exciting! Like having your own personal instructor with you and you do not even have to leave your doorsteps!

I love my convos with her , she is very friendly! I just wish I can load all her wonderful journals pages her on my blog but there are too many wonderful ones! Go go see her blog! She sometimes teaches at some states ( lucky people, the Americans!) and maybe she might be holding a class in yours! All in all, thanks Kelly for allowing me to blog about you and use your photos, thanks for making the world a better place!:)

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  1. You are very, very kind!!!

    LOL, if you have the biggest collection of tape, then I have the SECOND largest collection. Hee hee.


    I love Totoro!!!