Thursday, March 19, 2009

♥ More Zakka Japanese Inspired Pouches! :D

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I got more wonderful Zakka style Japanese bags and pouches! Since the last batch sold pretty well ( thank you guys for sharing this obsession of mine!), I decide to list more! I would try to make it more organized as I have quite a few more designs! Please scroll down after each series to see the measurements and prices.

Please note that I am not a supplier! I just have a healthy obsession for bags ( I think I owe over 150 bags, that's healthy for this era right?) and I like to see if anyone like them too. I only have the maximum 3 pieces of each designs.

Momo Floral Cotton Pouch Series

A) Dark Blue With Sweet Red Flowers

B) Sweet Green With Polka Dots

C) Preppy Brown Red Cream Plaids

D) Lovely Light Blue Strips With Sweet Blue Yellow Flowers

E) Natural Brown With Pretty Fruits Branch---- > SOLD OUT

F) Dark Blue With Sweet Retro Orange And Blue Flowers

G) Sweet Pastel Yellow With Grey Mini Polka Dots And Roses

H) Sweet Light Rose Pink With Little Brown Ribbon Bow and Flowers

I ) Cream With Sweet Pink And Red Roses

J) Preppy Blue Red And White Plaids

K) Khaki With Sweet Retro Purple And Orange Flowers

L ) Lovely Blue Country Quilt

M ) Lovely Pink And Red Country Quilt

♥ Material : Made of really sweet plaids or floral thick double layered cotton cloth. Inside, there is a small pocket. I like the fact the seams inside are covered! There is a sweet cream lace lining the top of the bag. Zipper closure with sweet faux leather tag with the words "Momo". It is actually manufacture for Japan.

♥ Measurement : They measures approx 7.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall ( include ruffles ) , actual depth is 4 inches and 3 inches wide at the base.

♥ Price : USD 9.50 each and the shipping USD 4.50. Just email me at, remember to tell me which design you want to buy and your shipping address. I would sent you an invoice via Paypal. The shipping is via China Registered Post. I would so dearly love to sell them at my Etsy store but they are not handmade nor supplies. Do grab one of these lovelies today!:)

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