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♥ BowMeOverBows - Featured Seller Series


Everyone knows you can find really pretty hair clips and bows for little girls and big girl ( like me ;P) on Etsy. I do feel it is a pretty saturated market and it can be hard to spot the really unique and well made hair clips when there are like hundreds of pages to choose from. I am therefore happy to find one whom I feel has very unique and pretty pieces! Her store  BowMeOverBows is pretty new but she has got some really pretty hair clippies and bows!

I got some clippies from her and I love them! Very well wrapped and fast shipping too! I feel her store is different in the selection of ribbons and appliques she uses. I am glad to feature her this weekend on my blog! Read on to find out more about this fabulous seller!:)

1) You do not make bows like an beginner! Come on, tell us how long you have been making these lovely clips?

Well, it all started one day back in August 2008, when I was recruited to make hair bows for my oldest daughter’s cheerleading squad. I started researching how to make hair bows on the web, and before I knew it I made my first bow! Well, I thought, “That was fun! I’ll make another!”, and so I made my girls Halloween hair bows, and I haven’t stopped making them since! My loving, VERY SUPPORTATIVE husband even constructed a “device” to help me hold my ribbon together while tying off each layer for the bow! But don’t ask me to see pictures of that, it’s a secret! Maybe we’ll patent it someday! :)

2) How does each creation comes about? For example, do you start with an idea, then source for the material or the other way around?

Well, by looking at my shop you can easily tell that I LOVE to make hairbows!!! I buy all of my ribbon and embellishments personally and in small amounts to keep a constantly changing inventory! I love to mix and match colors, patterns and prints to come up with the beautiful bows you see in my shop! I am a perfectionist, and all of my products are made with great care and lots of attention to ensure they last and stay beautiful!

I’ve often been asked, “Where do you draw your inspiration from for your amazing designs?” Well, to answer this question honestly, I just shop for ribbon and embellishments that I love! When I come home I simply spread everything out and mix and match until I come up with exactly the combination that I like best! Most of the time the creative process happens over a couple of days, first I go through all my ribbons and embellishments and decide what few combinations I want to make pairing them up, and then I make the bows later! This way each step gets my “fresh, creative mind”! I can’t tell you enough how much I love both parts of the process, picking out the ribbon and embellishments and then the actual construction of the bow, because then I finally get to see what my creative ideas look like completed!

3) Do you sell your beautiful clips in other places other than Etsy? Where else can we find you?

For right now the only shop I have is on Etsy, , but I have started a facebook page and a flickr account where you can view pictures of some of my bows. Both of these pages are under BowMeOverBows. You can also reach me at

4) And yes, we love to know more about you too! Tell us a little about your childhood, your career, your likes and dislikes.

I’m a stay at home mom, happily married for 10 years with two beautiful little girls, one who is 7, and the other who is 3. I have a degree in Elementary Education from Illinois State University, and I taught kindergarten for 7 years before I decided to stay at home with my girls. I’ve never really had a hard time coming up with creative ideas, I guess that’s just the teacher in me, but I never would’ve thought I’d be making little girl hair bows let alone opening my own shop on Etsy!!!

I am a MAJOR perfectionist and I love to do crafts! My mother always teases me because I’m good for pulling out all the craft stuff, you know, paint, glue, play dough, etc, on any given day with my girls usually before 9:00 in the morning!!! You can hear them all the time saying “Mommy, can we do a craft?” Our latest creation was little pom pom chickies in and eggshell base, which after my mother saw them she said “You should sell those on Etsy too!” I simply replied “One thing at a time mom!” LOL!!! Anyway, I like to think of myself as someone who can get along with anyone, and I am really enjoying meeting new people through Etsy!!! I am amazed at how many truly talented people there are out there crafting! I just love surfing Etsy to find cool stuff! Actually, today I just found some really neat people who make terrariums! (Don’t worry, I’ll list my favorites a bit later! :)

5) Lastly, please let us know what other hair accessories you are dazzling to show us! We love to know!

As far as new “works” in progress go, I’m currently working on bitty bows on headbands for infants, and a line of “doggy bows” for the pampered pooch! Watch for these up and coming new products!

6) I am sure, like a lot of us, you love Etsy too. Want to share a few of your favorite sellers with us?


It is truly enjoyable reading her story.  Her hair clips and bows gives me the impression she is a very positive and cheerful lady. She must have taken a lot of effort to source for such wonderful ribbons! Do pop in and have a look at her store or say Hi to her, she is super friendly and nice!:)


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  1. Thanks Jessie for such a nice write up! I really do love my ribbons and embellishments, I think it's safe to say I like them as much as you like your paper tapes!