Monday, March 9, 2009

♥ Oh Spring Spring You Make My Heart Sing And My Purse Sting!

MADAME - Very Vain Buttons Series - Maya

Yippee! Looks like spring is here! I don't know about the rest of the world but here in Shanghai, the winter is freaking harsh and bone cold! I am so sick of wearing sweaters and jeans! I crave short skirts and little tees and singlets!

I was trying to explain to Beautiful Geek women needs new clothes, accessories , pretty things to look at every 3 months, this is the way I support the economy and help keeps jobs! HAHA! I am excited! What theme would I be this spring? I love colors and I see myself going really quirky and old school . I mean, I love love love clothes , items and accessories that has that extra OOMMPH! I am very critical and it really must be AWESOME before I purchase it. I mean.. I had my fair share of poorly design, badly made, mediocre / safe design items in the past. I done my part, now I want AWESOME!

Heheee.. see what I had found on Etsy and really want to buy ( still waiting for my new credit card to come, hurry hurry please!!). I always try to find things in my favorite seller list before I do an open search. Ok, now go see my selection, drool, buy and yes I welcome comments on my good taste *wink*.

Mini Owl Friends Applique Iron-On PatchesBy LittleMamasDesigns

Do you know how hard it is to find really pretty iron on patches? I tried to make some but one of my friend thought I had puked on my skirt...( change friend or stop making patches?) . seriously, I should just buy them from this seller. SUPERB COLORS. SUPERB DESIGN and SUPERB PRICES!!!

Larissa - Textile Cuff NecklaceBy Shagpile

Cuff necklace in spring? Why not? I will wear this with one of my tube tops and wow, instant cool!

Rosie - Fabric and Felt Bird NecklaceBy Shagpile

Wonderful wonderful necklace! I love how she uses different texture cloth and the bead mix!

Original Collage ACEO--A Walk Through the FlowersBy catlover1

Beautiful ACEO , always love this shop, it has wonderful retro items!

Winter Walks everyday pleated handbag OOAKBy ThePeach

It is called a Winter Walk bag but the cheerful blue hues are too cute to not use it in spring too! Infact, this is one bag that is good for all seasons. Just looking at it, I am happy! Oh, yes, The Peach is really well known too in Etsy. I bought a clutch and good workmanship and *count fingers* I think over 15 people compliment on it!!!

Yellow Bird StudsBy

This shop is super cute! The store name itself makes me smile!:) They sell really nice handmade kawaii style earrings.

Adult and Kids Lovebird SlippersBy piddies

Ok, if your heart is not melting now when you see these suuuuuppperrr cute slippers, you are not an ice cream ( Ha! Bad Joke I know). I mean, look at them, awwww... so cheerful, the details are awesome, useful too!!! Quick go buy a pair and make me jealous.

Sunny Sunshine -- Inspiration Kit By Haileysbobbins

This is a perfect example of good photography. I love the arrangement, the mix of different hues and texture. Just looking at it, I feel inspired. And the price *weep* .. I mean, for such wonderful mix of scrapbook material, the price is so so right!

Hey girlfriend you STINK -- But that is cool -- Fix it with Lady LitesBydippylulu

This store is really fun! Very original and has fun range of quirky items! This set of matches are the latest. I love how they put that little rhinestones on the box. Perfect for my guest bathroom!

Felt Ice cream BroochBy

Wow, I mean, WOW! Look at this! So Kawaii !!! Seriously how much more can one ask for in a brooch? Wonderful design, details, size is big enough to make an impact and yummy!

Queens Doorknocker earringsBy brookadelphia

When I was young, I love being called "Princess" as I grow older now, I like being called Her Majesty but I settle for Queen. I mean, if I do not refer myself as one, no one would and seriously once I started, I feel like one too! Yes, I am a Queen in my own world, I rule with love and justice and everything in my kingdom is pink. Heehee.

Sweet Geek - Resin Skull Candy NecklaceBy stoopidgerl

If you need some cheering up, go to this store. It is FABULOUS! Very very colorful and loads of fun Kawaii style resin necklaces and more! I love love love this store to death! This particular necklace stood out as you know, I am married to a Beautiful Geek and perhaps I should buy this for him but I will wear it because I think he would look funny in pink. LOL.

11th March update --> I BOUGHT IT!!! YAY!!! HAH! I will have the coolest necklace in town now!

cover pillow from vintage fabricBymicoucou

Ooohh... I love the vintage fabric used on this very comfortable cosy looking cushion!Simply outstanding!

Mon Petit Chien- Madras Plaid Vintage Fabric Small Dog DressBy

My God, I wish I am that cute little dog!!! I love it's dress!!! UURGGGHSS why can't there be dress like that for human beings!

Eco-Friendly and Fun tote - HandpaintedByCarryMeAway

Spring without a new bag? C'est impossible et tragic! This piece has all the right stuff ! Lovely material, eco friendly, HAND PAINTED (!!!), perfect size for busy woman who buys a lot ( aka moi) and oh so wonderful vibes!

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  1. Awwww sweet! Thanks for putting my Sweet Geek up on your blog!!! I'm a big fan of Dippylulu too.... it's cool to see her on the same blog as me!