Friday, February 20, 2009

♥ Wonderful Kawaii And Game Theme Wrist Cuffs !

Today, I want to introduce a seller who uses decoration sticker tapes for really pretty crafts! Her store name is Bettydeath , you can visit her super cool store at I was honestly surprised to see how she uses decor tapes, I would never have thought of that. She is an extremely nice person too, I love her convos!

Check out her work! It is incredible! So well made with obvious care and wonderful prices, I love the details and the workmanship ! Comes in different sizes too! I just can't decide which ones I want to buy!

Bears Bees and Honey Ridiculously Kawaii Cuff

Hamburger Kawaii Cuff

Banana Man Kawaii Cuff

Kawaii Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Grass - Japanese Collage Cuff

Wonderful Japanese flower pattern and city landscapes ones too!

Cityscape Cuff - Rising Sun

Cityscape Cuff - Galactic M

Kawaii Cats - Japanese Collage Cuff

Kawaii Dog, Fruits and Fireworks - Japanese Collage Cuff

And I super ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY COOL!!!!

USPS Cuff - M

Paris Metro RATP Transit Map Cuff

NES MAX Controller Cuff

Okay now, prepare your eyes for a really colorful visual feast! These cards are also made by her! They are absolutely adorable!

Super Special Deco Tape Stationery - Set Three

Super Special Deco Tape Stationery - Set One

My goodness! It is really fun for me to add this to my blog, I want thank Mdm Sheppard for being so kind as to allow me to introduce her store and use her photos. She has another store which sells beautiful stationery and paper goods too , you can view them at!

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