Wednesday, March 18, 2009

♥ FINDER'S KEEPERS - Rainbow Delight

Super Cute And Colorful Black Cat At Window Rainbow Animal Theme Thick Big Scrapbook Journal

These days, honestly I am not very much like myself. A good friend of mine just lose his job and it is hard for everyone who cares about him to see him in this state. There is such tension in the air surrounding the city these days due to the poor economy. I see shops closing and today I felt sad, I use to get a human voice when I ordered my mineral water but today.... they change it to those robotic voice " press this" and " press that" system. I mean.. I can imagine what that means for the operators, more lose jobs. It is harder and harder to experience human touch these days.

So, I do what I normally do, do a search for colorful things on Etsy to cheer me up. Since I NEVER NEVER SEEMS to be able to snatch a Treasury due to

1) Overslept, I just cannot get the time difference right!

2) Not very good at fighting for a spot , I am quite shy..

3) Indecisive about the items, I am a Taurus but sometimes the Gemini part of me surface and turn me into a hopeless bimbo , flapping arms and all squealing "oooohhh... all looks so gooood, I cannot decide .. oohh". Not pretty.

4) Critical, this is the full Taurus out, I am very generous with praise but also with constructive criticism. Lucky I talk to myself most of the time and no one gets hurt.

5) Ego, I simply feel unjust if my selection did not get to the Front Page. I know I know.. how could Etsy choose a Treasury that just keeps showing the same rainbow color items? I am very loyal to what and who I like and tend to stick to the same sellers or stores. I should try to explore more.


I decided to do my own Treasury here! YAY!!!!!! I call it FINDER'S KEEPER. I mean, it takes me some time to find these treasures and I intend to keep them! Those who missed out, well, Loser Weepers! LOL! Funny thing is I can only print screen 12 items!!!LOL!!! Guess that have to do for now till I figure how to print screen the whole thing! Ok, I shall introduce the items, rate the hearts and comments!

♥ -> Wonderful
♥♥-> Drop dead gorgeous
♥♥♥ -> Cry with happy joy
♥♥♥♥ -> Will think about robbing a bank just to have it!
♥♥♥♥♥-> Will think nothing about robbing a bank just to have it!


Rainbow Pencil Roll - 20 pencils included By SetCarre
I love it! The fabric chosen is so sweet and well coordinated for each pencils! Maybe I can use it for my make up brushes. Rate ♥♥♥

SPRING Rainbow Flower Clippy set of 7 BOGO By QTPA2T Perfect set for spring! I always like little crochet flowers and think it really add a touch of cheer instantly! BOGO --> Buy One Get One Free ! My Goddess, I wish they ship internationally!! UURGGHHS. Rate ♥♥♥

Modern retro rainbow patchwork quilt, 36 x 45 inches - Custom orderBy allthenumbers As I am typing this, the item was sold!!!! Not a surprise really, look at the gorgeous colors and the handiwork. Only USD 150! I wish I am patience enough to make one but I have the attention span of a 2 year old. Rate : ♥♥♥♥♥

Set of 8 Marbled Round Rainbow Crayons - Perfect for Little Hands By GooseHillDesigns This is truly one shop that always makes me smile like a child. I love how she uses non toxic crayons, melt them and mold them into fun shapes! This is not even the best design yet! Go see her cupcakes crayon!!! Rate ♥♥♥

So Sweet - Fine-Art Photo Pendant Necklace By stoopidgerl One of my ultra most favorite shop! I love ALL her items! I vow to try to buy one item from her a month! She is so talented ! Go see her prints! AWESOME! Rate ♥♥♥

Rainbow Piggy Bank in polymer clay filigree
By starless Why why why does this seller call herself Starless? She is a real star in my eyes with this awesome piggy bank! Read how she does it and I applaud her creative and effort. Seriously, this pig makes me want to start saving! Rate : ♥♥♥♥

Zoo-licious Loop N Lovey By
spoolnloopsI could not really figure out what this fun colorful looking thing is until I realize it is for babies! The colorful cloth and texture plus all the ribbons loops is suppose to enhance a baby's sense of touch!!! My goodness! I wish I had one of these when I was young but maybe.... I can buy it and use it as key chain! LOL!
Rate : ♥♥♥♥

Love Birds WordDesigns Scrabble Tile Pendant Love Birds By WordDesigns40 Personally I do not really like the idea of using Scrabble tiles to be made into pendants. I love Scrabble and I feel it is sad that instead of using it for what it really is for, they are turned into accessories. But after seeing so many Scrabble pendants on Etsy ,I am starting to be brought over. I mean, really, the ones on Etsy are simply wonderful and the range is huge! I love this because I am a bird lover and I always love Love Birds, really sweet creatures. Rate ♥♥

Cute Kokeshi Wooden Rainbow Dolls By samyii These polymer clay Kokeshi dolls are so cute! I love their little cotton clothes! I should get a set to accompany me when I work! They are so stylish and cheerful, I feel good just looking at them! Rate ♥♥♥

timepiece wristband - rainbow on whiteBy offwhite.etsy I love this cuff, the words written is one of my many mantras really. I use to be so impatient and angry when things do not go at my pace. I had learn the very hard way ( long story) that time is a wise friend and it is better to follow her than to go against her. This cuff reminds me again it is time to shop! LOL! Rate ♥♥♥

Puking Patrick Earrings By Rairen Perfect for St.Patrick's Day!!!!! This shop has really quirky and fun Kawaii style accessories! I like shops like this that offers a little non mainstream quirky items. Rate ♥♥♥

Good Things Will Happen note cardBy thebeautifulproject Another one of my mantra. I believe all things happen for a reason ( but I do believe in random no meaning events too , like the time I found a piece of parking ticket in my purse, I don't drive and we do not own a car. This still did not inspired me to learn). Above all, I believe good things does comes to those who wait and BETTER THINGS would come if you don't wait and seize the day! LOL! This card is wonderful, it reminds me not to wait a day longer but to make use of my time better! Rate ♥♥♥


  1. Love all your treasury picks! Really puts me in a great mood for spring!!!

  2. !!!

    Thank you so much for including me in your faux Treasury! ; ^ ; (It seriously has made my day :D )

    Treasuries really are difficult to get into... I don't know how others do it..