Tuesday, April 7, 2009

♥ Bella Spain !

Antennas in SevilleBy wearethree

I wanted to blog about a particular country sellers for the longest time! SPAIN! Oh,how I love their crafts and wonderful handiwork! There aren't much of them, I did a Local search and it came up only 9 pages of sellers. I feel they are one of the most colorful and vibrant culture around. I really want to go Spain one day but I always end up in France ( guilt trips...;P). Anyway, here are some of my favorites from various Spanish sellers. Let me take you on a trip to Spain wearing my old jersey tee shirt and cotton pants with my cat on my lap. Let me pretend I am from some fancy magazine and I am doing an Editor's Favorite Page. LOL!!!! This is one of the big perk of having my own blog! First we'll drink some sangria, stop for shoes, bags and accessories !

Strip Leather Baboush or Carpet SlippersBy MagiPrins .

Editor's Notes : Love the color combination and I always have this thing for soft looking leather. Good price too!

Lovely Little Red Riding Hood sneakersBy zampatillas.etsy.com

Editor's Notes : I am a fan of drawn on sneakers and but till now I can't seems to find a decent pair. These however looks really fun! I like the fact the cartoon are drawn and colored very neatly and nicely. I think I will seriously consider buying this pair.

Silk scarf natural hand painted with Oriental cat.By PalomaSiaDesigns

Editor's Notes : I am really excited to see this piece! It has got my favorite shade of pink and such pretty cat drawings! This store has a fine range of cats, dogs and nature theme items! Definitely one of my favorite piece for spring .

Silk brooch - Leaves

Both By gilbea 

Editor's Notes : I always felt Spanish designer emphasis a lot on bold colors and classic clean elegant cut on their work. These two items are simply lovely, they look like they could have came from an expensive boutique. Will think about getting the brooch for my sister-in-law who work as a lawyer, this should compliment her jackets nicely.

CAMEO VICTORIAN Fascinator MTuent By mtuent.

ELLE Czechoslovakia Antique Bracelet FREE SHIPPINGBy mtuent

Editor's Notes : This shop is like heaven! Stock full of beautiful Victorian and pretty feathered fascinators! I really like this quaint headpiece , this crafter is in tune with the latest trend and also her very feminine culture by adding lace trim on it. The bracelet is so pretty! I sure would feel flirty wearing one!

All three brooches are by madeofjacinta

Click on the picture to go to the listings.

Editor' Notes : I went crazy in this store, just adding all these wonderful brooches in my cart! LOL! I super heart brooches! They are an inexpensive way to spice up and outfit. These are such head turners! I am totally in love now and yes, I think I will spurge on these this month! Maybe I would just eat cream cake for the rest of the week! LOL!

Now let's head to see fun craft, supplies, household items from Spain!

Original hand-painted fan.By PalomaSiaDesigns

Editor's Notes : Other than beautiful animal printed scarf, this seller also has really pretty hand paint fabric fan! This piece has Ode to the cat" Spanish written on the fan!

Sleeping cute Witch - sleep mask Pattern EyesBy lovelyart.etsy.com

Editor's Notes : This seller is known for her pretty eye masks! Check out her fun and sweet range of pop eye masks! Beauty sleep has never been taken so literally! I love this sweet soothing piece too! Sweet sweet colors, so soft and lovely eye drawings!

Editor's Notes : Many of my peers doesn't know this but I love cooking with herbs, any herbs! I have a whole collection of them , all sitting prettily on my shelf. I love how they smell, how they make me feel good, how when I add a few sprigs of them in my soup or sauce, instance sense of well being surfaces. This journal makes me want to jolt down all my herbs and all the cooking note I have been storing in my head for years. Perhaps it is time to record it down, I am not getting younger!

Editor's Notes : I enjoy nice soft watercolors paintings and recently am becoming a serious collector. I find it makes me smile and my mind calmer. I am delighted by this sellers wonderful prints. There are a wide range of sweet animal cartoon prints to choose from. These cards are so nicely done! I want to buy it to write to myself!LOL!

A to Z, Hand Bound Journal in Red and BlueBy paperfection

Editor's Notes : Ain't this just preppy! I love how simple yet sweet this journal looks! Inside, it has sweet sweet colored pages too! I appreciate that cute little "Made With Love " bronze pendant at the spine of the journal. Awww...lovely !

Seaweeds for ACEOs, digital collage sheet by alganet
By AlgaNet

Editor's Notes : I don't use digital sheet but I wish I do!!! These scanned dry seaweed pressing sheet is so pretty! I love the colors and the details. This seller has wonderful range of seaweed theme art too! Really unique!

Little Teabag HouseBy Phizzychick

Editor's Notes : Ahhhhhh I shall leave you guys with this cup of tea and of course the sweet little Alice In Wonderland inspired tea tag! Add it as a decoration on the saucer when you next serve tea and I am sure your guest would be delighted!

Isn't life bella ! I really think I should make a trip to Spain in summer, sorry dearest Mother-In-Law, I love you and Paris but Spain is my soul sister too!

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  1. Thanks for the inspirational post! :) And congratulations on your new eCrater store... I wish you all the success in the world.

    My gorgeous Zakka bag arrived the other day and I am IN LOVE! Thank you so much, for the beautiful buttons also.

    Lots of love,