Saturday, August 22, 2009

♥ Blog, Block, Baby Rocks !

Can you imagine the last time I blog, it was approx 3 months ago??? I was still happily blogging in Melbourne on my birthday ( 18th May) then. I was so excited to be home on the 19th to upload all my find purchases to show you guys. Then... China blocked blogspot.

I just about to have it with the Chinese government sometimes, I mean, there was the Xinjiang situation up north and they told us they have to block Facebook, Twitter and all blogger sites as the "fighters " there seems to use these channel to organize meetings and riots! I do understand how it is vital to contain all the fighting and cut short all communication but seriously ... this is too harsh and too much! I almost cried in exasperation as I love my blog and I had so many fun plans for it!

Now I am in Singapore , resting because *cough* I AM PREGNANT ( YEAH!). I am 5 months and 1 week along now with my baby girl nesting nicely in my tummy. I love being pregnant, I love the process so far and she is such a dear, nary a problem! She is due on the 2nd Jan 2010!

Naturally I am busy resting and planning my nursery and birth plan.

This being said, one can foresee I would be quite away when precious is borne next year. I plan to rest for 2 to 3 months and hence would put my store on vacation mode ( though I bet it is anything but a vacation!).

Prior to that, I will be holding a sale when I am back in September! Look out for my store announcements at

I will be back soon to tidy my blog and post some updates! Thanks to those who continue to follow me! I really hope I can continue to blog about my Etsy fabulous finds and more! HUGS!

P/S : Really sorry for any typo or grammar mistakes! Since I am pregnant, it is getting harder and harder to think clearly! LOL. All I want to do is sleep! UURGHS

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