Monday, May 18, 2009

♥ Bye Melbourne

What can I say. I am totally bliss out these 12 days in Melbourne. 12 days of gorgeous weather, beautiful people, fabulous food and awesome shopping!

I can't wait to leave, because it is all too good !!!!! I can feel myself looking at apartments and asking about migration procedures because it is just so easy to live here! Shanghai would bring me back to reality fast with the crazy traffic, loud talking and all the vehicles honking.

I am all packed, looks like 35 kg! For some reason, I got a student air ticket and I can have 40 kg!!!!! Betcha all I make sure I utilize every gram!

I can't wait to see Beautiful Geek and Halley Boo. I did not think I would miss my kitten but I did very much! I want to hug him ( still the kitten) so badly! I really really am amaze by my husband who actually called me everyday to chat! This is not our style but I feel really nice to hear his voice every night before I sleep. Thanks baby.

Loads of work to do too. Let's see by 25th May..

1) Unpack, wash, clean
2) Pack orders and ship orders.
3) Loads of new inventory to list!
4) Make appt with my beautician for my facial
5) Do my French homework!
6) Prepare for my next English class
7) Pay bills!!!!
8) Buy groceries
9) Book appt for Halley's vaccination

Hmmm..... maybe.... I should take a longer vacation!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

♥ Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait 15% SALE!


Hello all!!!! I am still in Melbourne and really having a fantastic time! This city is awesome awesome awesome!!!!  I shall blog my heart out about my finds next week with all the pictures!

Meanwhile since the shops close at 6 pm, it gives me some time to tidy up all  my stores inventory and do some work.  I would be holding a 15% off Good Thing Comes To Those Who Wait Sale!   from 15th May to 20st May.  

The catch is that I can only ship your items on the 21st May.

This is my third such sales and I am always glad to hold it! I mean, I have quite a few emails this time asking when my stores would be open. I always thought it was nice of buyers to remember me! This 15% is a way of thanks for waiting!

So do drop by my two stores on the 15th May !

If you are buying from my two stores reassures I will combined shipping. All the due discount and shipping would be refunded to you within 24 hours via Paypal!

So, hope to see you guys and thanks to all the lovely emails!!! *HUGS

Sunday, May 10, 2009


HUGS ALL! I am in Melbourne for the 4th day now and I must say  I am so busy shopping here ( loads of great buys!) that I almost forgotten about Mother's Day.

So to all of you guys, I wish you and your family a great day.:)

I am exhausted ! Just shopped straight for the last 6 hours! Don't worry, I will show you guys what I have bought when I get back! 


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

♥ Down Under Down Under I Go Down Under !

Love this luggage bag! So quaint!!! She as loads of even prettier ones in her store!

Ok, flying off to Melbourne today. I am all packed and very excited! I feel young again. Yes, I know I am not that old but I felt like 20 years old again, with my trusty backpack! Ever wonder what does a Singaporean pack in her bag? *smirk* Tell you, Singaporeans have got to be the best packer ever! 

Consider the case of my mother dearest. This lady had never once flew on an airplane all her 55 years of her blessed  life. Her first trip was a grueling 14 hours flight to Paris on a a wintery January for my wedding. I was worried to death about her and keep nagging her to pack more warm clothes  and heat packs. Well, I should not , see my mum WITHOUT advice , WITHOUT A GUIDEBOOK, on her OWN , packed the usual and

a) rubber bands 

b) loads of safety pins which she use to pin her money packed in a small plastic bag to  the inside of her pant's pocket. 

Honestly, this bracelet is really way cool. I can look good and if I need a safety pin, voila !

c) 2kg of rice which honestly guaranteed the survival of my father, auntie too. I mean, they cannot eat bread everyday like the French! LOL! 

I love these pretty rice bags! Another good travel item! I can first use it to rest my neck or back. Then if I am homesick and miss rice, I can open it and cook the grains inside!

Moi, for my Australia trip, I always am very proud of my packing skills and this time I would be staying in a mix dorm hostel ( I told my God sister this is like a fabulous opportunity to observe various human behaviors and learn about one's own too).  I had

a) 3 different sizes of locks for locking my valuable in the lockers givens.

b) 3 universal plugs. Why 3 if it is already universal in the first place?Anyway  I am lazy to remove the other two from my backpack.

c) Loads of plastic bags and ziplock bags

Next time, I swear I would buy these reusable bags! I never though it can come in so many colors, prints and awesome prices!!!! 

d) a pair of flip flops for those shared bathroom. It is important to really air your feet and keep them dry at a shared bathroom!!!

Pretty pretty pretty! It is always nice to have something pretty to wear on travel.

e) First Aid, I have enough to treat for insomnia to gonorrhea ( I do not ever have gonorrhea but someone else might) . LOL!

f) A cloth mouth mask to protect myself from , heard that whooping cough is doing it's round there. I know I know there is little chance of me catching it but I have a responsibility to make sure I am healthy. After all, there really isn't that much true blooded Singaporean on this planet you know.

g) I always believe when backpacking, one should allow oneself one luxury item. Once I pack my LV small handheld tote as my luxury item to Nepal.. yeah... not smart.. but because it can be frightening at night ( gunshots heard!) , I hug it for comfort.  

I also once packed my favorite diamond ring on a trip to Europe, did not wear it at all, everyone's seems to have bigger diamond ring than me. LOL. This time, I am bring my hair dryer!!! Honestly, to be able to have warm wind blowing around my head for 5 minutes after shower in winter is like the greatest treat of all!

So sweeties, thanks for checking in and for reading my blog. I would try to update in a few days with my fab finds on this trip.

Oh yes, look check it my store in 16th May , if all goes well, I should have my 3rd Good Thing Comes To Those Who Wait sale.  If I can't find very secure internet access in Australia, I might not hold the sale. We'll see but either way, check in and see the store announcements. Have a good day all!:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today, the weather is typical of Shanghai, grey, rainy, cool and misty. This is the kind of weather I like to sit in at home , wearing my favorite mismatched tee shirts and pants , hang out with a cup of coffee, some cupcakes ( like the ones below!)  , a kitten sleeping on my lap, keeping me company.  I feel lazy and am already in a holiday mood ( yes, 4 more days to my Melbourne trip). 

Seriously.. this has got to stop! I want to eat them all!!!!

This might be the first photo which you have seen of me!  LOL! Yap, I am an internet slob and slop!  Halley Boo loves hanging around my lap while I worked. Too bad he can't spell check for me!

I also itch to browse through Etsy. Often, I worked so hard for all my stores, I barely have time to really have a look at all the fabulous sellers and their beautiful wares. 

Etsy has many tools to help  one decide how to look for items. I use Favorite Sellers most, I have over 500 favorite sellers and it is sheer joy looking at their stores.  Today, I thought I try one tool which I have not use for a long time. POUNCE , this a super fun tool on Etsy would randomly show a list of either Undiscovered Shops or  shops which had Just Sold something.   

Honestly..... I kind of am ambivalent about this Undiscovered Shops feature. I mean.. I feel it might make potential buyers wonderful why these shops have no sales and perhaps subconsciously avoid these stores. Well... they shouldn't. *Smile. Today I pounced and was really happy to undiscovered some gems!!!!

Yes, I do agree that most of these stores does not have the greatest pictures, the greatest range of items or many listings ( average 10 listing for these shops). I mean, come to think of it. If there are no sales, it is really hard to be motivated to list more. Some of them might just dipping their toes and see if the response is optima for them to continue listing. Some might not have that kind of capital to list a lot. Nonetheless, I feel all of us at Etsy has an obligation to help new sellers .

I try to buy from newbies as much as I can but one other common problem I see is that new sellers are always almost ship to USA only. I know I know, they just want to ship internally first to get a hang of the shipping process but they do kind of isolated a lot of international buyers  ( like moi). SHIP TO ME!!! I CRAVE YOUR LOVELY STUFF! I GOT 99.9% of my packages delivered safely to me!!!!!!  I AM RICH AND I LIKE EVERYTHING!!!!!! SHIP TO ME! LOL!  

So, this Finder's Keepers below is dedicated to new sellers who just started selling on Etsy. Let me tell you, looking at their items, photos and prices, they would soon be on Etsy top seller list. So grab them before they are all gone.:)

Finder's Keepers  


From top, center, bottom, left to right ::

Lovely lovely polymer clay brooch set on umber leaves! I love how it sit so nicely on a coat!

I have seen many of these kind of boxed frames but this piece is really gorgeous. I felt it is really made with care with wonderful color combination. It is not too "artsy" or too "put together". You know, like some pieces looks beautiful but lack experience or personality.  This piece would be perfect for my mother-in-law's beach house.

I generally do not browse through kid's shops as there is no need for it yet *smile. I do know children's shops on Etsy offers one of the best selection of clothes and toys. This onesie makes me smile. I often imagined my perhaps future son to be a geek ( I love geeks!) . This onesie would be perfect for him! LOL! There is a nice selection for pretty baby girls too!:)

I am starting to develop a serious liking for magnets. I use to think they are pretty redundant until I had my own fridge ! I love sticking photos, postcards, letters, notes, scrapbook pages on my fridge, it is so enjoyable looking at friends and family when I make a cold sandwich.  My fridge is also my Hall Of Fame. Only people I like goes would be stuck on my fridge doors!  That is why I love this set of magnets, so zakka, so positive and lovely colors!
My "Hall Of Fame " !!! LOL! Yap, I need to replace those ugly green and yellow magnets with prettier ones soon!

I love this pair of sandals!  So cheerful and looks comfy! Good prices too!

f) THE OLIVIA - Rag Quilt by thetrunkshow . 

Simply beautiful quilt. Made of designer cotton fabric and I love the ragging look to it!  This store has more lovely quilt too! Check it out!

This set of figurines made me go WOW!!!! I love them all! Nice combination! It would make such a nice decoration for those who wants a frou frou touch! At only USD 5 each  or USD 40 for the whole set, it is such a wonderful deal!!! Quick grab it!

I love wood, I begin to seriously take notice of wood craft on Etsy these days. No longer boring wooden bowls or kitschy keychain holders, one can find really designer quality and designs these days on the ever growing wood craft category. This airplane wine holder is one case. Simple, classy and a touch of fun!

Feathers are in now and looks like it would be going strong until the end of this fall.  Why not? Look at this piece, elegant, bold and great colors. This shop has great great pieces which is not the usual ones you would see flooding Etsy now.

I love this bag! For some reasons, I always find Australian sellers has a very distinct style of their own. This bag kind of proved it for me. When I first see it, I know it is not made in USA or Europe. I love the little pleat details and the shape of the bag! I always love it when crafters make a point to add interesting details to their items. It really stands out.

Ok, the pink got to me first. I am totally addicted to pink. How can one not? Look at this bold, shocking pink soap! Perfect for my bathroom! Love the originality of the design too! LOL!

At first, I thought nothing ( pun intended ;p) of this shop .I thought "another photography shop" , don't get me wrong, I LOVE photography but sometimes after browsing through shops with loads of fruit, flowers , skies photo etc, I am kind of bored. Why would I buy a photo of an apple or a bunch of rose?   I do love this print though! I like the colors and the texture of it.  A good shop for those who wants something different !