Friday, March 20, 2009

♥ Pretty Zakka Style Big Purses !

Aww..... when I first saw these bags , I just grab them and throw the money at the seller and ran. Then I realize there is no reason for me to run as I paid in full and well, it is just my imagination that someone would snatch them away from me! So I try to save what's left of my prose and walk slowly to hail for a taxi. They are soooo pretty it hurts! Same series as the Momo pouches but in shoulder bag style!

I show you the pictures first, please scroll down to read the details, the measurements and price.

Momo Zakka Style Big Shoulder Purse

A) Sweet Pastel Yellow With Small Grey Polka Dots And Roses

B) Pretty Green With Polka Dots

C) Pretty Cream With Polka Dots

D) Sweet Light Rose Pink With Little Brown Ribbon Bow And Flowers ( Sorry , I can't find the stock picture, so I took them on my own).

♥ Material : Made of thick floral or polka dots cotton cloth. There is a sweet cream lace trim at the bottom part of the bag. Inside, it is lined with soft cotton cloth and there is a small pocket too! Comes with a sturdy light gold color metal closure. Straps are made of faux leather and held nicely at both end by thick metal hook.

♥ Measurement : They measures approx 7.5 inches tall, 11 inches at it's widest point and base is 3 inches wide. Really nice size! Big enough to be notice instantly and put your purse, wallet, cellphone, bunch of keys, compact, lipstick, 1 large roll of deco tape and 1 Chihuahua ( ok ok, a Chihuahua polymer clay miniature). Strap drop is approx 11.2 inches. Nice length for shoulders. I prefer to carry on my forearm, a little long but not uncomfortable and very casual chic!

♥ Price : USD 24 each and the shipping USD 8.50 . Just email me at, remember to tell me which design you want to buy and your shipping address. I would sent you an invoice via Paypal. The shipping is via China Registered Post. I would so dearly love to sell them at my Etsy store but they are not handmade nor supplies.

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  1. LOVE the pretty cream with's stunning!