Saturday, April 18, 2009

♥ Nun of a Kind Dolls - Featured Seller Series


You know 1 year ago, if I mention Etsy to my friends or family members, I would not be too bothered when they told they did not heard about this wonderful site. 1 year later, NOW, if they still had not check it out, I would look at them with pity in my eyes. I mean.. oh man.. they are so MISSING OUT. 

They would retort with one can buy things easily in one's country , after all , everything is Made In China. If I heard this complacent sentence one more time, I would... look at them with even more pity and sadness. Everything is SO NOT CHINA MADE! Anyway, I will blog about China Made stuff next week. 

Today I am going to introduce a seller whose items I can't find in Singapore, in China or in my dreams. Not too bad really, cause they exist in real life. I want to show you someone who created such inspiration and unique dolls. Everytime I see them, I smile and start to think who should I buy them for!  It is definitely a store I would check in very often when I need a special gift!  

I am thrilled to feature  Nunofakind ( yes, all the puns are intended!) today!  It's owner and creator Linda is such a positive and friendly lady! She makes beautiful Nuns dolls and her word play is wicked too ( check out her listings titles!) . I had a really nice time reading her interview she had so kindly granted me.  I wish I can load all her dolls on my site ( I would feel blessed barnun ;p). Nuntheless  (I am getting good at this!) , I know where I can find her anytime anyway.:)

1) Every time I see your Nuns dolls, I remember my encounter with some of them! They ( the Nuns) are indeed very human and very fun people to be with. How did you come up with such usually and very inspiring dolls ?

The “Nun of a Kind” collection began with the creation of an ornament made for teachers who had presented their version of “Sister Act” at my son’s school. That, along with the fact that it occurred to me that like the “Sisters”, we all share different “habits”, was the beginning of the collection which now has around 80 different “Sisters”! Some of my teachers at elementary school were nuns, and I remember them fondly. My music teacher, Sister St. Louis, was also a wonderful influence in my life.

2) How does each creation comes about? For example, do you start with an idea, then source for the material or the other way around?

Often, the idea begins with a request from a customer. For example, a customer wanted something for her hairdresser, and “Sister Curlotta” was “born”. In some cases, I do find items which I think might be a nice “fit” for the characters, and then I go about creating the name. It is choosing of the name which is the most fun….. I love puns and word play, so this challenges me in that regard.

3) Do you sell your sweet dolls in any other site or places other than Etsy? Where else can we find you?

I do have my own personal site in which customers can see the nuns in their “habit-at”! There are 50 sisters pictured there at the moment, and also some items in the “Nunderware” section for other ‘nun” items. My Artfire site is as well, and as Artfire grows, it will be another great venue at which to sell. "Etsy", ( of course, is an absolutely wonderful place to sell....and to buy!

4) Do you accept custom make orders and normally how long it takes for you to complete a doll?

Custom orders are my specialty! Customers contact me with their request, and through email, and digital pictures, we are able to create their custom nun together, as they give approval before the final item is shipped.

5) I am sure a lot of us come across Nuns in our countries, can you tell us some stories about them?

I have had several letters from nuns from all sorts of religious orders, and their message is that they are happy that the “sisterhood” is being kept alive through the creation of these nun dolls and others. There have been a few new sisters to orders who have received these as commemorative gifts. Also, sisters who are celebrating anniversaries of their entry into their vocation have received their personalized “Sisters”. However, the intent was that women in general would buy and receive these sisters to remind us that we are all sisters of sorts, and all types of interests, occupations, etc. are addressed in the "Sisterhood".

6) And yes, we love to know more about you too! Tell us a little about your childhood, your career, your likes and dislikes.

I have created items, particularly characters, for many years, and usually exhibit at art and craft shows. My entry into internet sales started about a year ago. I have an interest in knitting, crocheting, painting, and quilting, but for the most part, I am devoting most of my time to this business. This is what I hope will be my full-time career at this point in my life!

7) I am sure, like a lot of us, you love Etsy too. Want to share a few of your favorite sellers with us?

I am especially drawn to the jewelry that is sold on “Etsy”. I have purchased some unique gifts for friends on the site. There are so many fantastic sellers on “Etsy” that it is difficult to “narrow it down” to just a few favorites. I love looking at the “Pounce” section and have discovered many new shops that way.

8) Lastly, please let us know what other fun sweet creation we can be expecting for Spring and Summer!

There will always be more “sisters” joining the collection. In addition, there will be many “one of a kind” angels, Santas, and ornaments added to the shops.
For new items, and news from the “Sisterhood”, please visit the “Nun of a Kind” blog at and follow me on Twitter at

I had loads of fun doing this post! I like Nuns, I always feel there are more to them under their "habits" and thanks Linda for affirming that. In this sometimes crazy and sad world, I feel good, calm, soothed whenever I see them, like everything is just going to be alright. I will think about what doll I would like one for myself.  Once again, she loves to do custom listings (yay!!!) and super reasonable shipping rates! You can hang out with her at :

Linda's Stores:

Her Twitter :

Her Super Cute Blog!


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful article you have written about "Nun of a Kind"! I so appreciate your support...and your talent at putting your blog together! (I could use some lessons!) It is people like you that make 'Etsy" such a great place to "be"!

  2. Hi! Thought that I had posted a comment already but perhaps it didn't work! A very big THANK YOU for this wonderful feature of my shop. You are so generous and kind to take the time out to put together such a detailed article. I really appreciate it!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful article and interview on this very creative and talented woman. I am lucky enough to have purchased two of Linda's nuns and agree 100% with everything you have said. They are charming and unique and they make excellent gifts.

    Great post!

  4. How many memories did this post bring back!! I went to a catholic school as a child, and taught art at one as an adult. Two very different views of nuns at two different points in my life :)
    Lovely! Can't wait to share this with my sisters and family!