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♥ Jacarandadesigns - Beautiful Hand Made Jewelries, Featured Seller Series


As you all can see, I do love to feature Etsy sellers! I always have a lot of fun and I learnt many things from them! I get a lot of insights into their craft and life. I am always glad when they agreed to be interview by me!:)  I plan to have a featured seller every week now and I sincerely hope somehow this would let more people see not just the products but to understand and get to know the artist behind each piece too.

I am thrilled today to have Jane , Etsy store owner of Jacarandadesigns this week. I am not very much a jewelry lover and personally I am fussy as hell when it comes to them. I like my jewelries clean, fuss free and in the other words, I quite boring.  So Jane really amazed me with her range of lovely earrings, bracelets, necklace , rings and more! I mean, she uses such a wide range of beads, crystals and metals!  She does not seems to be confined to one style at all and I bet her mind run as free as horses on a wide plain. I felt caught up in her world and yes, indeed,  it was quite a journey as I shop through her store!

Let's chat with her and be prepared to be dazzled!



♥ When I first enter your store, I was amazed by the wide range of jewelries you had created! I can see that you really make a lot of effort to makes these lovely items, can you tell us when you started making jewelries and what motivated you to open a store on Etsy?

I've always been creative, dabbling in all kinds of crafts and arts and I've always loved wearing jewelry. A few years ago, I went to a beading class with a friend and I was hooked. At the time I was battling an illness and I found jewelry making very therapeutic. I made so many items that I gave to family and friends but then I found many people asking me to sell them pieces of jewelry that I had made. It just took off from there. My sister was one of the first sellers on Etsy. She convinced me that Etsy would be a wonderful place to sell my jewelry.

♥ How does each creation comes about? For example, do you start with an idea, then source for the material or the other way around?

I wouldn't say I have a set process. Whenever I see beads and findings that I like and can imagine in a piece of jewelry, I snap them up. When I make jewelry, I usually start with a base color and then put tons of my beads on my table where I can see all the colors and then pick certain ones that complement each other. About twice a week, I take out all my photography equipment and take tons of shots of the new pieces. I like to list something new on my shop almost every day.

♥ I see you uses many different types of media for your craft, which is your favorite ? Can you recommend us something pretty to wear for a) a date b) a family outing c) an anniversary ?

I enjoy working with all forms of beads and beading materials but I think I'd have to say Japanese Miyuki and Toho beads. That is the type of bead I used for the Love Knot Bracelet. They come in so many different colors and they retain their color over the years.

For a date, make an impression with Tons and Tons of Gorgeous Pearls Necklace

For a family outing, maybe one of my posy bracelets. The Shades of Green Posy Bracelet

And for the anniversary, definitely the Love Is In The Air Silver Love Knot Bracelet

♥ And yes, we love to know more about you too! Tell us a little about your childhood, your career, your likes and dislikes.

I am 42 and married with two very energetic boys. We live just west of Toronto, Canada. I was in the IT industry for twenty years before packing it in and pursuing my passion, making jewelry. I’ve always been quite creative, dabbling in sewing, embroidery, painting, drawing etc. but for a long time, these hobbies were left on the backburner. Like most moms, my life is fairly hectic but very rewarding. I love cooking. I have a huge collection of cookbooks so I’m always experimenting with new recipes. I love gardening, photography, cross country skiing, cycling and traveling.

 I am sure, like a lot of us, you love Etsy too. Want to share a few of your favorite sellers with us?

I have mostly bought supplies on Etsy but the store that I keep going back to look at and hopefully will buy from is catherinereece.

 Lastly, please let us know what other fun sweet creation we can be expecting for Spring and Summer!

I'm inspired by the colors in the natural environment that surrounds us. I love gardening and take loads of photos of my flowers and others each spring, summer and fall.
When I'm creating jewelry, I often go back and look at many of these shots and draw inspiration from the hues, shades and shapes. So I will be continuing to create
jewelry that draws upon the colors and elements of my garden.

♥ Do you sell your wonderful accessories in any other site or places other than Etsy? Where else can we find you?

Not currently. But hopefully once I am more established on Etsy, I will be able to branch out to other sites.

Thanks again Jane for letting us have a peek into your life and enchanted world. I personally am in love with all the beautiful  Love Is In The Air Silver Love Knot Bracelet above!  Do spend sometimes in her store! You would come out soothed, calm and refreshed, I did.:)

♥ Jane's Etsy Store

♥ Her Sweet Blog!

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