Monday, May 18, 2009

♥ Bye Melbourne

What can I say. I am totally bliss out these 12 days in Melbourne. 12 days of gorgeous weather, beautiful people, fabulous food and awesome shopping!

I can't wait to leave, because it is all too good !!!!! I can feel myself looking at apartments and asking about migration procedures because it is just so easy to live here! Shanghai would bring me back to reality fast with the crazy traffic, loud talking and all the vehicles honking.

I am all packed, looks like 35 kg! For some reason, I got a student air ticket and I can have 40 kg!!!!! Betcha all I make sure I utilize every gram!

I can't wait to see Beautiful Geek and Halley Boo. I did not think I would miss my kitten but I did very much! I want to hug him ( still the kitten) so badly! I really really am amaze by my husband who actually called me everyday to chat! This is not our style but I feel really nice to hear his voice every night before I sleep. Thanks baby.

Loads of work to do too. Let's see by 25th May..

1) Unpack, wash, clean
2) Pack orders and ship orders.
3) Loads of new inventory to list!
4) Make appt with my beautician for my facial
5) Do my French homework!
6) Prepare for my next English class
7) Pay bills!!!!
8) Buy groceries
9) Book appt for Halley's vaccination

Hmmm..... maybe.... I should take a longer vacation!

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