Wednesday, May 6, 2009

♥ Down Under Down Under I Go Down Under !

Love this luggage bag! So quaint!!! She as loads of even prettier ones in her store!

Ok, flying off to Melbourne today. I am all packed and very excited! I feel young again. Yes, I know I am not that old but I felt like 20 years old again, with my trusty backpack! Ever wonder what does a Singaporean pack in her bag? *smirk* Tell you, Singaporeans have got to be the best packer ever! 

Consider the case of my mother dearest. This lady had never once flew on an airplane all her 55 years of her blessed  life. Her first trip was a grueling 14 hours flight to Paris on a a wintery January for my wedding. I was worried to death about her and keep nagging her to pack more warm clothes  and heat packs. Well, I should not , see my mum WITHOUT advice , WITHOUT A GUIDEBOOK, on her OWN , packed the usual and

a) rubber bands 

b) loads of safety pins which she use to pin her money packed in a small plastic bag to  the inside of her pant's pocket. 

Honestly, this bracelet is really way cool. I can look good and if I need a safety pin, voila !

c) 2kg of rice which honestly guaranteed the survival of my father, auntie too. I mean, they cannot eat bread everyday like the French! LOL! 

I love these pretty rice bags! Another good travel item! I can first use it to rest my neck or back. Then if I am homesick and miss rice, I can open it and cook the grains inside!

Moi, for my Australia trip, I always am very proud of my packing skills and this time I would be staying in a mix dorm hostel ( I told my God sister this is like a fabulous opportunity to observe various human behaviors and learn about one's own too).  I had

a) 3 different sizes of locks for locking my valuable in the lockers givens.

b) 3 universal plugs. Why 3 if it is already universal in the first place?Anyway  I am lazy to remove the other two from my backpack.

c) Loads of plastic bags and ziplock bags

Next time, I swear I would buy these reusable bags! I never though it can come in so many colors, prints and awesome prices!!!! 

d) a pair of flip flops for those shared bathroom. It is important to really air your feet and keep them dry at a shared bathroom!!!

Pretty pretty pretty! It is always nice to have something pretty to wear on travel.

e) First Aid, I have enough to treat for insomnia to gonorrhea ( I do not ever have gonorrhea but someone else might) . LOL!

f) A cloth mouth mask to protect myself from , heard that whooping cough is doing it's round there. I know I know there is little chance of me catching it but I have a responsibility to make sure I am healthy. After all, there really isn't that much true blooded Singaporean on this planet you know.

g) I always believe when backpacking, one should allow oneself one luxury item. Once I pack my LV small handheld tote as my luxury item to Nepal.. yeah... not smart.. but because it can be frightening at night ( gunshots heard!) , I hug it for comfort.  

I also once packed my favorite diamond ring on a trip to Europe, did not wear it at all, everyone's seems to have bigger diamond ring than me. LOL. This time, I am bring my hair dryer!!! Honestly, to be able to have warm wind blowing around my head for 5 minutes after shower in winter is like the greatest treat of all!

So sweeties, thanks for checking in and for reading my blog. I would try to update in a few days with my fab finds on this trip.

Oh yes, look check it my store in 16th May , if all goes well, I should have my 3rd Good Thing Comes To Those Who Wait sale.  If I can't find very secure internet access in Australia, I might not hold the sale. We'll see but either way, check in and see the store announcements. Have a good day all!:)

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