Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Things have been moving so fast for me these days! I keep loading new items and it was truly joyful sourcing for them, seeing them in person and listing them!  I really love my store. I mean, everyone loves their store I know but for me , it is like truly fun for me to browse in my own store too! I list so much that sometimes I forgot what there are!

I had a few buyers who told me I had a good eye for items. I do hope so! I love a lot of things and I can only sell what I like. I try working in a boutique once and I did not like the clothes the shop is selling, going to work everyday then was a torture! It was so hard to convince the buyers that they look good when erm.. they don't. I am totally blessed and happy to be able to sell what I love.  Let me show you some of the items I recently listed! 

Recently I am crazy about cotton tapes! I am trying to see if I can incorporated them in my handmade items but they are too pretty to use! Find them all here!

These round stickers are such darlings! Use them to decorate your bottle, boxes or packages!

The South Koreans are truly talented, if you see the whole range of stickers set they created you be amazed at their creativity!

This set is one of my best seller. Super cute and colorful!

Pony Brown is very well loved brand in Korea and overseas too. This is their LATEST set! 

I specialize in food and animal stickers too! You can find over 500 different types of stickers in my store!

Another one of my great love! I really am amazed by today's stamp! There are every imaginable themes! I have over 180 style listed too!

I have so much more to show you  but you can view all of my items here in my store! I wish I have more time to use all these fun items. Seriously I think I have enough to last me for generations! LOL! I do not know why I buy so much but then again I simply cannot resist!!!!LOL!

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