Friday, April 3, 2009

♥ IHeart Store On eCrater Now Opened!


My new store at eCrater is opened! I am loading more and more items everyday! There would be sections for my card cases, planners, diaries, bags, pouch, house hold items and more! I am excited as I feel kind of free to list whatever I wanted! I mean, on Etsy, I can't list them as they are not handmade or supplies.

I always like eCrater for many reasons. Top reasons of course would be that it is free! I mean, they do not charge a listing fee nor do they take any fees when you sold an item! Another thing I like is the store layout, it is clean looking and simple to navigation.

What I LOVED most is the fact it is started and maintained by ONE person, Dimitar. I find it amazing that he would manage to create such a nice site to sell and does not charge any fees. He is always very fast to reply any emails and takes each suggestion seriously.

I used to sell my headbands there 2 years ago but stopped since I was too busy with my eBay store then. I remember asking him to add a "Hair Accessories" ( back when it first started, the categories were very little) . He did within 48 hours! I feel so touched that he bother to create a category for me so fast!

Now I am back again, I feel at home. I am truly amazed again, the site improved so much! I mean, there is "list similar item" buttons now, I now can load 10 pictures! Unlimited categories, and even Google Attributes are there for you to use!

I appreciate the fact he try to keep the site free of listings that violates any copyright. Sellers would be suspended immediately if found to be selling fake goods etc. I love the forums too, very friendly , very supportive sellers.

What is the catch then? Well, he just give us a space to start a store but we have to bring in our own traffic. I think that is rather fair. I mean, we all have to do our part to help promoting the site.

For those who wants to combine shipping within all my stores, it is totally okay. Just email me at . I can let you know the combined shipping or any discount. I can also make a Special Listing for you either on Etsy or eCrater.

So I hope to see you guys on my IHeart eCrater store too!

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