Saturday, April 11, 2009

♥Bliss Is

a) enjoying my new kitten! Halley Boo is growing up really fast and it is fun to watch her developing her own character and personality. She is really feisty and as like all cats, always know the best place in the house to sleep. She is really sweet too, always being there just hanging around us, accompany us when we work or study!
 She really knows how to make herself VERY comfortable..
Her very own faux fur bed.
Yes, she talks a lot too. She is telling me how she is crave for her favorite fish snack.
She loves to hang around on my lap while I surf!
She gets a bath every two weeks, she is really good, hardly struggle!

Yap, I was so amused to see her on her pink furry blanket, just keeping Beautiful Geek company when he is studying!
She like MTV too, after she ate, she actually would chill out here watching TV!
She loves my big white furry sweater!
Acting coy !

b) going to Melbourne!!!! My soul sister Lilien is migrating to Australia and she is hunting out jobs and apartments. I really wanted to spend some good quality girl time with her, this is a good time and chance to do so! Will be heading for Melbourne in May! If you guys have any places I MUST SHOP IN, please let me know!!!! Any Etsy sellers with B&M stores, please let me know! I would love to visit and SHOP!!

c) buying some fun stuff on ETSY!!!  This week, I spend some money buying some items that I had been eying for awhile!

Lovely brooches! I had mention her in my earlier post and I can't wait to get them! By madeofjacinta

I love artandghosts ( who doesn't) and always wanted to own a print by her. Beautiful Geek thinks some of the prints are too dark and not suitable for the house but we both felt in love with this really sweet piece! YAY! It would look lovely in my study!Into the Wallpaper 1. version2 By Artandghosts

I had love this store Buttonempireand I got two keychains, one for me and one for Beautiful Geek, I think it makes a simple, inexpensive yet sweet gift for the occasion There-Is-No-Reason-Why-I-Suddenly-Buy-You-A-Gift-And-No-I-Did-Not-Max-Out-Your-Credit-Card-And-Yes-This-Gift-From-Me-Is-Paid-With-Your-Money-And-I-Love-You present~

HAH! I had a really nice days this week, it helps that the weather is finally warmer and I can go out for walks and just enjoy my neighborhood. Okay, I have to dash out for dinner. Look out for my post tomorrow, I am featuring a sweet hair bow Etsy seller!


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