Friday, March 6, 2009

♥ My Love For All Things Airmail

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Since the internet connection is extremely sloooooowwwww today, I can't list my new items without banging my head on the wall ( with a soft pillow, I love myself and my brain is my only asset anyway). I thought I will blog and chat about another thing I love! I love quaint airmail, postal, travel , postcards theme stationery!

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I used to collect stamps quite fervently when I was young. I love soaking the envelope to retrieve the stamp attached and put them under the sun to dried. Then I would carefully store them in my album and admire the drawings or the pictures on them. Then, I was an avid letter writer, I had a lot of from all over the world. Stamps were one of the ways I get to know the different landscape, food, bird species , people etc. Back then, I did not know subconsciously it was a sublime form of education and how it would help me developed a keen sense of travel and the readiness to accept other cultures and races instantly.

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I grew up poor. That does not mean I do not have enough, I always had what I needed and also lots of motherly and fatherly unconditional love. I have wonderful siblings whom I love dearly. Watching them growing up is as good as watching my very own children. Point is, I am not that type who would grow up thinking about traveling or even staying in another country! It is a rich man's dream. I was suppose to be contented, get a job, don't dream too much, not pretty enough to hook a rich guy, not ugly enough to be in a freak show and join the circus.

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Am I bitter? Never, honestly, my childhood is the one thing that no one can take it away from me, I cherish it and treasure it . I put it in the deepest , warmest part of my heart under lock and key. When I am down, I go to that hiding place and hid for awhile. I always come out feeling blessed , that no matter what life will bring me in the future, my blessed childhood can compensate 1000 times. I am indeed eternally grateful. I want to show you something I hold dear...:)

The only letter I know that my father wrote to my mother when he was in India in 1990. The funny thing is, my mother does not know nor read a word of English! I was astounded when I opened and read it to my mum, my father has beautiful handwriting and excellent penmanship, I never would have thought a quiet man like them can be so eloquent in a letter. I erase the name and address to protect my family privacy. I framed it up as I do not the letter to be misplaced or tear as the paper is very delicate.

Ah, back to the topic, sorry but I need to state certain facts and am proud to , in event my family, friends and relatives chance upon this blog, I do not want any misunderstandings that I am trying to tell the world I am a poor girl. I am wealthier than many in other aspects.

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So.. *smile.. as I grew up, my wandering spirit grew too. I started to save money and started traveling a lot. What makes me a little disappointed ( in a nice way) is that almost everyone all over the world is the same. Same as in, their desire, their thoughts, their behaviors. I learn most people love food, thinks family is very important, that life should be simple, humility is worth more than gold. I learn all crave love, crave peace and crave spiritually. I always came back from my travels amused, we all really very much alike.

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Nowadays, with internet and my faithful MacBook. I never write a letter for the longest time. Yet, I still feel happy when I see anything airmail, letters etc related. They bring me to the time of my childhood again and I just close my eyes, I see that 8 year old me waiting for the postman to come. I would stand afar from him and hope he drop a pretty decorated ( yes my pen pals were really creative!) envelope into my mailbox. *smile wistfully*.

Ahhh.... here are more things that I love, you can find some in my store and some from other sellers too! Enjoy ...:)

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