Tuesday, March 3, 2009

♥ March Is Here And On I March

Robot Invasion - 5 x 7 Fine Art Photograph By Daydreamers

Ok, it is March, felt like the little soldier sometimes ! Here is what had I done and what I need to do!!!!


1) Housewarming party for 15 people. It was last Friday, absolutely exhausting. I am use to typing not talking to 15 people! Never talk so much for a long time! Jaw aches. Happy to scurry back to my isolated non verbal lifetsyle. DH not counted, he comes home, I babble to him.

2) Done, finally started my blog giveaway contest. I am not sure how it will actually help me and my business, but at least I try and I love giving away stuff!!!

3)Organize my stock. Store room is a hell hole. I decided to do it after being attacked by 2 large notebooks. They ambush me when I open the door too fast and they fell from the top shelf onto my head. Decided to put them in their places ( literally).

4) Panic attacked about possibilities of DH being retrenched. Rumors flitting about befitting the likes of a popular brothel around his company. Not sure if he would be affected. Panic for a week. Got tired of panic, decide not to panic and plan for evacuation . Possibilites ugly. Looks like if he did get the sack, we will have to live apart again ( long story and I am bored with the mock sack-a-do drill). Yes, I do drills like rehearsal. I am not a "maybe", "hope we get lucky", "touch wood" kinda gal. I like reality and I like to face it like a woman.


1) Make a baby. It is harder than I expected.Spoke to God about it, He sounded harassed and said the one I want it quite hard to make, to give Him more time. Ok.

2) Watch Seinfield , all the seasons again. I missed one episode and can't remember what it is so, so being me, I would watch all till I find it.

3) Make new buttons, I am lagging behind schedule. Not sure why my new buttons ain't selling but I love them still like a mother who believe in everything good in her children. I know they are waiting for the right man / woman to come along and claim them.

4) Get a bigger whiteboard, my English class is growing and it is hard for the typical 1.8 meters tall Chinese boys to knee and write and the board! I really love teaching them! It is like a wonderful distraction for me from selling.

5) Chill, I need to chill. I am always on the run. I am never still ( hey it rhythms!).

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