Thursday, March 26, 2009

♥ A Quickie !

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A quick blog updates here!

♥ I am updating my blog contest as fast as I can. HURRY! THREE MORE DAYS TO WIN USD 100 store voucher!!!! I am super super excited, my big polka dot cup is filling up fast with entries! On March 30th , the winner will be notified by email and also I will announced the news here. I am not going to put the real name, just the initial and country to protect the winner's privacy.

♥ I am removing my diaries, card cases and some other items which does not fit in Etsy categories to my new store soon! It was a case of blind leading the blind. I saw other stores listing planners and card case and thought it is okay, so I listed them too. But I felt uneasy about it and indeed Etsy told me it is not allowed . So I decided to move all non supplies or handmade stuff to my new store ( will announce here the site!).

I had wanted to sell other stuff for a long time. First to try to source for more is the Zakka pouches and bags which I had put on trial selling here on my blog. The responses is really good! I am glad many readers like them too!:) I will keep looking out for them and they will be sold on my new store.

♥ My handmade buttons store will be closed when the last listing expired. I will bring them over to my IHeart store. I love my buttons store but the traffic there and the competition is too fast and tough for me to catch up. Buttons can take a lot of time to make and I can't devoted more time to it so I rather put them on IHeart, this way, hopefully more buyers can see them. I can also offer more range and style. Look out for them sweeties!:)

♥ I am very excited about this blog. I was worried I would find it a chore to update but instead I come to appreciate it as my own journal. To continue to check in . I plan to feature a lot of sellers here and also show you my fun finds on Etsy. If you are a seller and would like me to feature you, please let me know! I would love to work with you!:)

Thanks again for all who left comments ( erm... it is not that I do not want to reply, I don't know how to reply to comments on blogs yet, please let me know if you know how!!) emails and follow my little blog ! I appreciate the support greatly! Till then, have a wonderful day!:)


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