Saturday, March 14, 2009


You know... ever since I started this small contest on 3rd March, the response is truly overwhelming. I got the nicest, kindest , sweetest emails from readers and buyers and I did not expect this at all! I mean, yes, everyone loves a contest and I did not think USD 100 is much, I mean, I wish I can offer more but it depends on my monthly sales actually.

In Feb, I had a wonderful time selling on Etsy. Sales was better than expected. I was really touch. I do not have the lowest prices , I wish I did but I am not a local hence it is very hard for me to get local suppliers prices. I try to make up with bulk discounts and absorb any fees or packing material. Yet, buyers are buying from me and I really try hard to give the best customer services as I can. When I got good deals from suppliers, I buy extra so I can give them as freebies to my buyers. And all the nicest feedbacks, convo and emails.. I mean.. not to slam any site but I did not ever get such nice treatments on other sites which I am selling at. Thank you guys.. for all the support and really really kind words.. ;).

I am still trying to update the entries as fast as I can and I will make sure all valid entries are in. See the cute picture above? That is my "mascot" , he is the cutest soft toy dog ( from Ikea) in the world! His name is Space JiJi and well since me and Beautiful Geek have this phobia of taking photos, I thought I let Space Jiji take over and say Hi for us. I know I know , it is too cute and mushy but such is my life. *wink*

I had so much fun writing all the entries and putting them in my giant colorful polka dots tea cup! The cup itself is approx 9 inches in diameter! I love it! I wish I can really drink from it but it has a hole at the bottom, it is suppose to be a pot for plant. LOL.

There is still time to join in the fun! Blog Giveaway ends on 29th March 2009 11.59 EST !!!

Anyway, thanks for your support and if all goes well, I really hope to hold this giveaway every other month. Have a good weekend!

♥ Jessie, Beautiful Geek And Space Jiji

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