Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oh my goodness! Today i am so excited I don't even need coffee!!!! All my new fabric arrived today! I am astounded by how many I bought, I think there are over 50 new pieces! I am one of those people who if I see something I like, I buy it in all the colors available!

One of the best thing about living in Shanghai is that there are soooooooo many online stores, I just need to make a cup of coffee, surf and click click click, pay and voila! Next thing I know, the stuff I order arrive right at my doorsteps in 36 hours!

I am such a fabric junkie. No joke, don't ever EVER let me in a fabric store with a credit card! Even if I do not have money, I would ask my friends to lent me, if I am a lone, I would go home, get my purse and go back again. I must have them! Hence, that is why I stay far far away from any fabric store possible! Of course, erm.. hee... I shop online! Oh but nevermind me, I am so happy, I took pictures of some of them. So sorry for bad lighting, the sun set earlier than expected ( so is my excuse ;P).

I am a total zakka addict. I see anything remotely zakka style, I go crazy! I love that feeling, I cannot really describe but that soothing, peaceful vibes I get from it. I have over 300 fabrics and each of them is my prized possession. I use them to make my buttons but everytime I cut a piece, my heart aches. It is silly, the only reasons I bought them is because I want to my buttons! I love making buttons! So therapeutic and I love the creative process!

This batch of fabric is just so awesome! I really love the ones with words, stories style! I will use them for my next batch of buttons for my buttons store. If I have a lot more, I will just carried them in my purse and admire them on and off ( just kidding, I am a addict, not a pervert!) LOL!

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  1. oh, what lovely fabrics!! it is always exciting to get a package of fabrics in the mail! :)