Thursday, March 26, 2009

♥ It Is A GIRL!!!!

Hello Halley Boo!

The last few days were absolutely CRAZY and HAPPY for me! I had wanted a kitten for the longest time. My family are super avid cat lovers and there are 4 cats in my home in Singapore. My parents had started by rescuing wounded strays and gradually adopt some of them. In Seoul, I used to take care of a really friendly and sweetest German cat for my friends when they were away for the holidays. I yearned for one here , my very own.

Look how peacefully she sleeps in Beautiful Geek's arms.LOL

In her little pink carrier!

Therefore I was really happy that my postal office friend found one for me. He has a friend whose cat gave birth to 6 kittens and once they were wean off milk, he gave one to me for adoption. IT IS A GIRL!!! Now now, I love boys too, boys are much better tempered and fun to play with but girls, they are so sweet and demur! I love taking pictures of them with a small hair clip placed ( not clip on) their head. So cute!!

It was amazing how fast she found a good spot on Space Ji Ji and promptly felt asleep!

She also likes sleeping in her sand box *shrug*

Her name is Halley Boo. She is about 5 weeks old and very very affectionate! The first day I got her, she was nicely snuggling up to me and Beautiful Geek. She is intelligent too! I just need to show her once how to use the litter box, she caught on immediately. She loves to play and is crazily active. Like most cats, a piece of plastic sheet can entertain her for more than 30 mins!

I am spending a lot of time with her now as she is still very young. She needs a lot of attention and love. I am carrying her in a little cloth backpack and hang the back in front of me. This way, I can work abit and she is always near my body. Don't worry, my office is separately from the apartment so there should not be cat's fur at all in my stock!LOL!

How tiny she is beside Space Ji Ji!

How tiny she is beside Space Ji Ji!

Not too happy to pose with my hairclips.. ;p

Yes... like a proud mummy, I took a lot of pictures and videos! I know she would grow up really fast and I want to make sure I get all the moments with her. It is strange to have a pet on my own honestly. I was really quite apprehensive, not sure if I will be able to give her the love she needs but I figured out that it would do me and Beautiful Geek good to let someone else in our lives. We are such city people and am so use to attending to just our own needs, we are slowly becoming a little selfish. It may sound like a selfish reason, to use an animal to help us grow. But this is my truth.

I have been blessed with so much, I often wondered why. Now I know, so that I can give away. Althought I am confident in the end, the kitten will be one of our best teacher in life. I know I love her like my own already.:)

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