Friday, February 20, 2009

♥ Largest Kawaii Decor Sticker Tapes On Etsy? Part One

I might be, could be, most probably have the largest collection of decoration sticker tapes on Etsy in my store . The last I checked, I had over 450 designs! I am not sure how I manage to amass so many stickers tape but I am fanatic about them. I love them all, each of them are pretty and unique to me.

It seems fitting then, I should perhaps blog about them! I sold over 700 tapes in 3 months on Etsy and personally I am astounded to see so many buyers love decor tapes too! It is really really fun listing them and selling them! I have many categories of buyers, some collection them, some use them for their packaging, some buys tapes to include them in gift packs or stockings, some use them for their scrapbook and so on and so forth.

Personally I just hoard them. I am a hoarder. I must have every collection I can get my hands on. I have over 2000 tapes in my store and 500 tapes are on a shelves in my study. If I am sad, depress( hardly though, I love life) , I just look at the display on my shelf and I just had to smile. I mean, UUURRRGGGHHHHSSS they are soooo cute, I want to pinch them if they have cheeks ( although it may look coo coo to do so ..). All I can do, is to run my fingers through them, smile at them and just am so glad I found them!

Once a while, I would take a roll and use it for my gift wrapping or decorate my planner and notebooks. I love using floral prints for my vases and Thank You notes, it always makes the recipients smile!

Showing you guys some pictures!

I have a few categories There are the cartoon Kawaii style, very fun, colorful, crazily cheerful ones!

Then I have yummy sweets, candies, chocolates, lollipop cartoon ones!

Here are some fun ways to use them! Do let me know if you have some ideas too! I would love to add it in my blog!:)

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