Thursday, February 12, 2009

♥ De-Stash!

I was feeling sooo lazy these days! I mean, I am suppose to sort out like 100 over letter sets and envelopes but some of them are not a completed set, so I had a crazy idea and decided to destash them instead. Yeah.... I thought it would be easy but.. it is so tiring in the end! I think I must had spend 4 hours just sorting them out! I am quite pleased with the result. It is hard to see some of my personal collection go but I simply have too much!

I should finish listing them by tomorrow, today I just took pictures of 2 sets, too busy making soup for DH.

MY envelopes sets ( Click on the pictures to see bigger view)

My letter papers sets

Like them? You can buy them at my Etsy store IHeart !!!!

Okay, better check on the soup!

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