Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Below are the prints I am thinking about purchasing in a few weeks time . Which do you think I should get?? Join POLL POLL POLL YOUR VOTES on the right side and help me decide!!! I wish I can buy all of them but I need to save build to build house for the poor and I also want to support my fellow Etsy sellers!

Print - The Knife Juggler By Roadside

Me without you. By JacqleenBleu

3 Print Set - Charming Silhouettes By AFancifulTwist

The Poe Sisters by DearDodo

Unicia version2 by artandghosts

The Darling Nest, Print by MarmeeCraft

There is one piece, this ONE very SPECIAL piece, this awesome, heartbreaking which I love love love more than my left toe... *sigh.. the price is way off my budget but still.. looks are free eh? I have to find something to blackmail beautiful geek with so he has to buy for me! Hmm.... maybe I can accuse him of not turning his shirts outside in before throwing them in the laundry ??? Ah.. but I use that last month.. duh.... Anyway I will think of something! Meanwhile, ain't this wonderful ?

the white rabbit 1/25 by matchstickgirl

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