Wednesday, February 25, 2009

♥ In 45 minutes

Seriously...... *pause* .. *smile*.. how did I manage to survive without my beloved Daniel ( I named my MacBook after the very cool character in the French movie Taxi ) and Google?

I just, at the tip of my fingers, manage to

1) Order my inventory from 5 suppliers. Each of them have their own website, they accept bank transfer. In under an hour, all orders are placed and paid for. I will get all my stuff tomorrow, right at my doorstep!. *Jump about happily abit*

2) Bought some nice pin back buttons from this fabulous seller from Spain, RetroAttack . Look! I love them!!!!! So absolutely freaking cool!!! Excellent prices and customer service too!

3) Also order my custom cuff from BettyDeath. My wrist is twig like so I need one custom made and it is just lovely! Can't wait to slap it on my wrist and show it off in my next French class!

4) Book a table for 2 at Kathleens5. I just type Shanghai Museum restaurant and BOOM! There it is on Google!!! So smart! It is Beautiful Geek's birthday tomorrow and I know he loves the beautiful view from the restaurant's rooftop. We went there for tea and he had wondered how would it looked at night, ah, he would know very soon!:)

When it comes to art deco buildings and restaurants, Shanghai is one of the best places to explore. I generally appreciate the building more than the art shown inside.

5) Found a professional film developer shop for black and white films. Our regular shop does not do Kodak TMax 400 so we had to hunt for a new shop. Again, Google instantly show up the address and telephone number for the store! I am mightily impressed! In 5 minutes I got all the driving instructions, the opening time and the service available!

I mean, I know everyone knows how efficient the internet is, especially Google but please do not always trust the information 100%. For example, the photoshop address given on Google is outdated, they had moved but the telephone number is the same. I always double check the information.

Now je suis fatigue ! I cannot believe how tired I am just sitting here for 45 minutes doing the above! I think I move to my next favorite chair, the couch for a bit of Will & Grace ( my 2nd time watching the series, I love them!).

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