Wednesday, February 18, 2009

♥ Sick But Still Want To Shop !

Oh I am feeling under the weather these days. I was like the girl in the bed with the cute bunny ( design by ) except of course I am cuter! The sudden change of temperature in Shanghai can drives a tropical girl like me crazy!!!!! One day it would be sunny and warm, next BLAM, rain and strong wind. I can't wait for spring! I am so tired of wearing my PJs and sweater, looking like a lumpy old maid. *Grumble*

Since I am not in the mood or spirit to start listing, I thought I go window shopping again on Etsy! Hee hee, I should start my wish list soon!

Etsy is a great place to shop for wonderful handmade stuff and supplies! But I really hate the search! It always brings up weird items not even related to the keywords. How do I shop then?

First I love looking at the currently front page to see what is on display. It changes every few minutes so it is like the perfect window for shopping!!!Now roll the thingy that the people at LV roll that makes the dices go round and round ( can't recall the word and too lazy to find out now ) . TA DAH!!!!

Ok , here is the meanings of the hearts

♥ -> Wonderful
♥♥-> Drop dead gorgeous
♥♥♥ -> Cry with happy joy
♥♥♥♥ -> Will think about robbing a bank just to have it!
♥♥♥♥♥-> Will think nothing about robbing a bank just to have it!

♥♥Woo.... love that Tweet handmade bowl! Wonderful bird drawings ! I always wanted to dabble in ceramic but no time for it yet.

♥♥I want that Cat Mat!!!! I absolutely adores cats related items and this one is fabulous!

Okay, the rest I am not sure about them. I am not much of a grey color person and that ruffles underwear (?) ruffles me a bit.

NEXT! Throw the dice and roll again! Off to the Treasury ! Treasury is a really nice Etsy features that allow users to comply and sort their favorite items and makes them into a list. Read more about Treasury here.

Hmm.... let's see which Treasury intrigues me..

I have to say Your Girl Is Lovely, Hubbe ! *Gush* I am SUCH a Sex And The City fan!!!!!! I watch the whole series like 10 times!!! Love the clothes and shoes!!

♥♥ Awwww, look at the Lonely Little Bird Snapple Cap Brooch !!!!Love the clash of colors and material use!

♥Cute It Tastes Exactly Like Peanuts - Original ACEO Art Card card by Franticmeerkat ! I always enjoy artist using animals and real life items together.

♥I like the HEY TEACHER Leave Them Kids Alone -- fun fabric coffee cozy by dizzlePOP. I need to get one of these soon as I would be sipping loads of coffee in my French classes. It would be nice to see one with kitschy Tour Eiffel designs, I am sure it would score some points with my teacher!

♥ I kind of like the idea behind Key to my Heart by Gilhooly but I feel it would be better done with more precise details. Nevertheless, a funky item!

HAH! And this is only 1 Treasury! There are as many as 500 Treasuries on Etsy and I am really spoilt for choice tonight! I do need to rest more I guess because tomorrow my new items are coming and I need to sort and list them YAY!

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