Thursday, February 12, 2009

♥ My Vintage Button Machine

Ok, got some time, thought I better show off my fabric buttons too! Hee hee, these are my pride and joy! I took so much pain in planning, sourcing for the materials, making them taking pictures of them and listing them! I love fabric buttons and I was so happy when my mum gave me her old one which she had use when she was like 25??? I mean, she is a kick ass seamstress and she had used this machine as part of her craft to help financially support our family. I love her ( my mum) to bits and I love love love this old quaint machine too!

Fabric buttons are not that easy to make and I had an aching wrist to prove it but then ahh....... how pretty they can be!


Oh, yeah.. I have like loads of fabric, lace , buttons shells and whatnots ( taken a picture to show you 25% of it.....) ! Out loud, I am always complaining how I have too much and it mess up my "studio" ( self proclaimed corner of my living room;p) , but inside, I am gleefully enjoying the mess and how the colors are all mixed up and create such a sense of life! So sorry for the lace pictures, did not expect it to turn out so blur.

You can order and purchase them at MyOldFashionButtonMachine
They take sometime to make and I would need 2 to 3 days but if I can complete them ASAP, I will! You can see some of them below.:)


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