Friday, February 13, 2009

♥ Pencil And Pens Orphanage

I remember when I was young, I have an irrationally love for pens and pencils! If I found one on the roadside / in the middle of a classroom floor unclaimed / reception desk / wedge between the sofas / under the bed / chair etc, I would immediately pick them up, clean them with some tissue and add them to my collections. I use to call it my pens and pencils orphanage ! LOL!

I just find it sad when I see them abandon, I mean, they may be a humble tool but so so powerful too! You can use them to write your latest book , pen a love letter, scribble your telephone number on a sexy guy's palm, the top end is normally made of rubber, very good for chewing absentmindedly when thinking about things!HAHAHA, oh I do that alot!

I have amassed most probably over 200 pens, I gave some away, I threw some when I realised actually there ain't any ink left. I still hunt for them sometimes. Nowadays there are such nice pens on the market! I love beautiful wooden pens and enjoy just smelling them abit and keep them somewhere safe. Maybe I will have my own exhibitions showing them off!

Some of my fun pens and pencils are in my store too ( clean and unchew! ). :)



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