Wednesday, February 11, 2009

♥ Ahhhh Finally !

I finally got around to create a blog! I had wanted one for the longest time but just never quite know what to say. Then again, I do have plenty to say, some stuff are harsh and not so nice to say but since it is my blog, I hope to be able to think out loud here and post odds and ends of my thought! Of course being a business woman, I want so shamelessly use this to promote all my stores!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jessie, I am from Singapore and currently I am residing in Shanghai , China as my DH " Dear Husband" ( hence from now he shall also be know as DH) is working here. He is a real cutie and a French. Yes, I had stuffed my face with foie gras last Christmas . Prior to that, we had live in Seoul , South Korea for two and half years. I had use to sell in eBay for two years and ran a pretty successful store selling South Korea accessories and stationery. I sold my eBay store and decide to open an Etsy store ♥ IHeart ♥. I had thought it would be a mini store just selling what I love but erm.. I end up with a big store again! LOL!

Mostly concentrating on South Korea stationery and craft supplies. You can see some of my items here.:)
You would kind of notice ( *blush*) I have like 400 over different deco sticker tapes !!!! And over 400 types of Kawaii cartoon style stickers too! Yes yes I know I know it is crazy but they are soooooooo cute !!!! I am so in love with all of them and always have loads of fun stacking them on my shelves and enjoy the mind dazzling rainbow colors display!

♥ I do have store offers!

✻ 10 rolls of Decor tapes and / or Stickers and get 15% off them.
✻ 20 rolls of Decor tapes and / or Stickers and get 20% Off them.
✻ 10 mix items and get 10% off them
✻ 20 mix items ad get 15% off them

Discount exclude shipping.

♥ And I do have Membership discount too ( members number are growing crazy and I feel like part of a family with some of them ;p).

✻15 % discount for every 10 items ( can be mix items)
✻10% for less than 10 items ( can be mix items )
✻ 20% per 10 decor tapes

Discount exclude shipping.

So I hope to see you soon in my store or just drop a convo or note if you want to chat, I enjoy all my lovely convos with buyers all over the world. Stay safe , stay happy!

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