Sunday, February 15, 2009

♥ One Secret Addiction I have..

I am addicted to store banners... I think between 3 stores and within 3 months, I had more than 3 banners made.. BUT how can one blame me! Have you seen the store banners on Etsy???? I mean, do a search for " Premade Etsy / Blog Banner " ( I am lazy to think of my own design so I always buy premade banners..) , oh but first make a cup of nice hot coffee and enjoy the visual feast!

The thing is, see you can get a banner for your Etsy store for like USD 5!!!!!!!!! I almost fainted at the price when I first saw it, I kept thinking it would be like hundreds of dollars ! And most of it is one of a kind ( OOAK) !!!!! Almost all comes with 1 or 2 avatars!!!! So easy to upload and you can use it on not just Etsy stores but as a blog header, a web store, a letter header too!

More elaborate design cost more but to me, a banner is one of the most essential tool to selling. Buyers come to your store, you want to capture their normally very short attention span ( due to having more than 200, 000 stores on Etsy ) and the first thing they see is most probably your banner! What is a USD 5 or USD 10 banner compare to high traffic which can lead to sales.

Let me show you some of my banners

This fun retro crown design is made by Accentuate , she has a whole collections of assorted fun, sweet, cute, pretty designs for a great price!

This beautiful banner is made by HBCorner. This seller has sweet , simple, more primitive type of banner. I love the vintage style collection in this store!

This sweetie was for Christmas 2008! I decided to spend some money on a Christmas banner as I hope to add some festive cheer to my store. Made by Debrasfinerthings Her stores has really sweet and romantic style banner. Superb customer service too!

I fell in love with this super Kawaii style cupcakes and skull banner and bought it without a second thought. It is what I had imagine my store to be and it is only USD 5!!!! Created by wonderful Dlizious. Some of her banners are listed for 3 times each , so it is not totally one of a kind but I gladly share this banner with anyone!

My latest baby !!!! I am so into Circus theme now and when I saw this, I must have it! I love the colors, the clowns, the whole feel of the banner. My store now not only sells Kawaii style stuff, I have quite abit of retro style stickers and I thought it would be nice to have a circus banner, I do not want my buyers to feel it is just all sweet and nice but there are some kick ass retro fun stuff too!

Made by absolutely talented SeaDreamStudio . Brace yourself, her works are brilliant, just jaw dropping brilliant. The use of colors, the font, the graphic, it took my breathe away. Cost me USD 15 but worth every cent and makes my heart sing the whole day.

Below is her also very talented daughter Kate who ownsStarlightGrotto. I got my blog banner from her. I know you had seen it when you first see my blog but I want to show it off again!

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