Friday, February 13, 2009

♥ Birds On Wires

Etsy is like.... to me... a dreamland, a place where things I wanted, I dreamt about, I hope for, I wish for, I crave for, even things I loath all coexist in this wonderful site. I come across so many wonderful sellers, all talented in their own ways, all exceed my expectation and taught me to reach out further, that I can do what I want to do if only I preserve on. One artist is Tricia Mckellar and her beautiful store EYEFUL .

I love birds , any kind of birds ( even when I have to eat them ...) and these series of photos reminded me when I was really young, like perhaps 4 or 5? When Singapore still have some cables hanged like these and birds would perch on a row. They can really make a lot of noise in the evening! The setting, the colors and effect of these photos is exactly how I remembers them in my mind now. It was quite starling to be jot back to the sweet old past by the humble but so powerful effect of good photography.

I hope I can sell alot this month so I can buy all these !!!!

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