Monday, February 23, 2009

♥ How To Instantly Have Good Art Taste And At The Same Time Make Your Walls Pretty

I consider myself to have decent amount of taste in art ( thanks Ma and Pa for the gene!).

In fact, if you find yourself wondering if you lack the I-Know-It's-Good-Art-The-Instant-I-See-Them gene, don't worry! It can be cultivated !!! Don't believe? Go to Etsy. Key in any search words related to art, for instant, you like farm theme art? Just key farm, animal, prints, photo, ceramic etc and you would see many wonderful art pieces coming up from the search ( please ignore that toothbrush made from sheep's fur which is cut from a 19 century vintage dress which was used for a sit in portrait of a beautiful but very dead rags to riches farm lady if you see it).

Browse through the thousands and thousands of listings offered, by the 3rd hour, I guaranteed you would have at least 3 items in your shopping cart ( be nice, checkout and remember to pay for them!). What does that make you? An art connoisseur !!!! See, you recognize art! You recognize good art! You want to buy them, some you want them NOW. See? Easy eh! Really, Etsy is such an awesome site, I love it to bits! It is like scrolling through many wonderful art galleries / flea markets while wearing my Hello Kitty pjs and eating honey toast with crumples on my blossom and nary a care at all.

I have so many favorite sellers! The last I checked, I have over 400 over sellers on my list! I am not very particular who I add actually because to me, I am positive I can find 1 thing there in their stores which I love.

This week, I am happy to find some really nice prints! I love love love art prints! It is like for USD 10 to USD 20 you get a piece of art!!!!!!! At first I was really skeptical , I did not think much of printed art / graphic pieces. I mean, what is so difficult scanning a picture and printing like 5000 copies for sale? Then I got some during a few trades ( trades are fun, instead of buying the items, you can trade your items for another seller's item, not all sellers does trades, so do ask first!:). I was really happy to receive my prints!!! They made my dull boring white wall alive!

The irony is..... erm... the frame cost me USD 30 each... but I gritted my teeth, close one eyes, tighten my belt , reach for my small purse and paid for 4 good solid wood frames . Now , my living room is my pride and joy! I love being in the room now. I felt so.. complete. I know I know, it seems silly, how can wall pictures makes me feel so much but try it, you will see what I mean. Buy a few prints, frame them and stand in the room for 1 minute and then come back and thank me ( you are welcome~:)).

These are the ones I love! Really cool pieces by just2sayhi.

Yes I am a Mac fanatic but too bad mine is not pink like the one in picture. Steve steve!! Please make the next MacBook pink please!!!!!

I do have a mac - Print 21x29.7cm

Dreaming chairs - Print 21x29.7cm

The following ones are from RosieMusic. I love birds and these two prints are very dear to me. I can't find the second picture from the store but it is from a series of many pictures to choose from. I got the pretty blue bird flying towards the masked girl ( on the left upper center). I put the two pictures facing each other and it is just awesome!

Too shy No.3 8x6

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